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  • Sample Data


    I am trying to add the sample accounting data to my company list but I keep getting an error that says a company with that name already exists even though I can't see it.  Can someone shed some light on what I am doing wrong?



  • OKI 490 and 590 printer issues

    One of my customers is running Sage 300 CRE, v15.1.  They have one each of OKI 490 and 590 printers that are attached via LPT1 on two separate workstations and then shared to network.  The only driver they have been able to use is the Epson LQ-2550 driver…

  • Are there any Inquiry GURUS, I need a formula to add all subcontract balances for each vendor.

    I am trying to build a inquiry that will show the vendor and the sum of all of their remaining balances for all subcontracts.

  • Best Practice for Blank Checks

    We occasionally use handwritten blank checks (e.g. for permits where you don't know the amount until you're in the permit office) and I'm looking for best practices, info on how others keep track of blank checks, and if there are pros / cons to our current…

  • Subcontracts and MyAssistant

    When I enter a subcontract in JC with multiple job numbers and then run the MyAssistant task "JC Subcontracts without a signed contract", the result does not include that subcontract.  Even though the "Signed Contract Received" checkbox is not…

  • DM not working correctly after upgrade to 15.1

    Last night I upgrade our system to 15.1 for Accounting, Estimating, and Document Management.

    Document Management will allow us to classify and route documents, without any noticeable issues.  When we have an invoice that has been approved, we link to AP…