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  • New pop up message in Payroll :"Verify NACHA file accepted"

    We just did the update to 20.5.1 and now there is a pop up message when I go to generate direct deposits.

    This is not necessary and does slightly disrupt the work process. But if I work from home and this pops up on a different screen, I will not see…

  • Timberscan Capture vs. Sage Paperless Construction OCR

    We have been using Sage Paperless for the past 5 years and it has done everything we needed it to so far. It cut down our initial AP process from 22 working days start to finish to about 10. However, we have transitioned to 1 person in accounting vs. 3…

  • Sage TL Licenses Renewal

    Dear Team ,

    Can we renew our Sage licenses directly through Sage customer portal without using a reseller ?. We are located in Bahrain and we wish to renew licenses directly from Sage . Would there be any problem in renewing directly ? In future if support…

  • How to apply cash on account to accounts payable invoice

    We have a separate GL set up for cash on account (it's not related to any specific customer, it's just a generic GL) that our cash applications people put funds to when they can't find an invoice to apply it to. If an invoice exists (but they…

  • Sage 300 CRE JDBC connection via Pervasive

    I am trying to connect to Sage 300 CRE via JDBC.

    I understand that Sage is built on pervasive and I am able to connect to the default pervasive database called demodata and read tables.

    i am looking for guide to read Sage specific tables using this pervasive…

  • Incorrect Income percentages

    I am new to Sage 300 and new to my role as Comptroller for my employer.  I was surprised to find our Income Statement total income percentage for the month and YTD do not equal 100%.  For example, for May, the total income % is 103.53%.  For YTD, the income…

  • export import cost codes

    Looking for guidance how we can export our standard cost codes from one company and import into another?

  • last name change

    Hello Everyone,

    We have an employee who has changed their last name. Do I have to create a new employee? If so what will happen to his long term previous records.

    Can I just change his last name? everything else for him is the same?

    Kindly let me know…

  • PTO shown on paystubs

    I would like to edit our current paystub to include available PTO hours, is there a way to make that happen?

    Thank you!

  • Cheque printer changed

    Dear team,

     We are recently change the printer for cheques to a latest printer .

    We were using HP Laserjet P1102 and we purchased a new Laerjet 107 W .

    But when we print the cheque , each time i have to edit the report according to values in the cheque…

  • Does Sage 300 CRE provides any web api to receive the data from external system

    Hi Folks,

    Does Sage300 provides any web api to receive the data from external system. If yes, please provide API documentation.


  • AP - Recurring

    We are new to Sage and yesterday I tried my hand at putting in quite a number of recurring invoices.  This did not work out so well due to various payment dates setup in the vendor masters, which I corrected.  Now I have a bunch showing as being due.

  • Payments by Vendor/Contractor

    I need to run a report that shows how much we paid to various vendors, that lists amounts paid and dates.  Anyone know of a report out there like that?  I can't seem to find one.  I would think it woudl be a standard report? 

    Thanks in advance!

  • Entering Job Cost Estimates

    When entering a JC estimate, I can't save and close out of the transaction.  I have to Alt-Ctrl-Delete to end task, then estimate is not in JC.  I can't find anything in the Version 20.3 release notes or knowledge base. 

  • 2021 Tax Updates

    It's  1/12/21 and CASDI has still not been updated via a SAGE tax update, its easy enough to override as a user but I wonder how many users don't realize SAGE has not updated that.

    Also am I the only one that laughs when doing a tax update and…

  • New 1099 forms in Aatrix

    I am getting ready to submit my 1099's for 2020 and I have more than 1 form to submit for 2020.

    I just finished reviewing 1099 NEC and it takes me to the page to file, but I haven't finished reviewing my 1099 MISC. Does anyone know if we are in fact…

  • Upgraded our 300 CRE from 18.4 to 20.3.1 and can't open Purchasing

    The error message indicates that an incompatible drm.dll exists in one or more locations and to delete any drm.dll files in locations other than the pervasive folder and restart the application.   This happens at the server as well as any workstation.

  • 401K Contribution

    Hi Sage,

    I have an employee who wants to contribute 100% of his bonus to his 401K.  The FICA taxes calculate on the full amount, so I reduced the contribution by the  FICA taxes and now it calculates a state tax, which there shouldn't be a state tax against…

  • Unbalanced Balance Sheet

    How can I fix $1 off on balance sheet? TB is balanced but total assets is rounded down while equity/liabilities rounded up. Thanks. 

  • Inventory

    Hello ~ We are a construction in need of a inventory program (not Sage).  Does anyone recommend one that works with Sage 300?  Thank you~

    Katherine Stepp 

  • Paperless Payroll storage solutions

    What is everyone using (NOT Sage Paperless) for Payroll document storage.  We use Drop Box for Accts Payable and other files.  But curious what HR or document managment program Sage 300 Construction customers are using for Payroll enrollment papers, and…

  • Generating Electronic Payments

    I'm looking for information on using Electronic Payment Options that are offered in the Account Payable module, I'm a little confused about how that works and communicate with the different banks we use. Also, I would spend  a lot of time reaching…

  • Setting up HSA as a Direct Deposit

    Is Article ID 26573  in the knowledge base still applicable to set up HSA for direct deposit? Also, can I copy and paste the formula as shown in the article when I create the formula?

  • Sage 300 CRE - Lack of Any Real Updates or Enhancements

    We have been a long-time user of Sage 300 CRE (10+ years).  The upgrade and product enhancement process has always been poor, and it seems to have gotten progressively worse in the past few years.  I'd go as far as to say it's egregious - users pay thousands…

  • Aging Report on an invoice vs Inquiry on the same invoice

    I have an Invoice that is showing in my aging as open however when you do an inquiry on that invoice it shows paid in full.  How do I get this invoice off my aging report?