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  • Sage X3 Support: Calculated Journals Anyone?

    Did you ever notice the function Calculated journals under Financials, Current processings? The thought of exploring the function pops up every close, but the thought gets lost in the hustle of finishing period end until same time next month? Let me get you started on your exploration.

    What does this function do?

     First, we’ll go to where the process starts at Setup, Financials, Accounting forms, Calculated jou…

    • 31 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: How to activate the ADC trace server?

    As you know that we can use the windows telnet client to simulate ADC handheld devices. Occasionally, there may be issues that are hard to identify and we can activate a debug trace in ADC server configuration for the administrator to troubleshoot those issues.

    Let me illustrate how to activate the trace mode in X3 WEB server.

    • The java code of the X3WEB contains trace instructions and when the trace mode is active, it…
    • 31 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: What is an inter-company price list?

    We can define an inter-company price list and it can be used for inter-site transactions.

    • When setting up an inter-company price list, set the customers field to ‘Group’ – a price only concerns the customers of the group (inter-site customers).

    Setup, Sales, Price lists, Setup

    • In that case a price setup with identical code must be setup in both modules (Purchasing and Sales) in order to make sure…
    • 31 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: Preview of coming transactions

    Preview of coming transactions

    Did you ever want to see what accounts were going to be hit by the posting of a transaction before you committed it to the General ledger? Maybe, you are setting up a new company and/or product line and want to check the account postings before bringing everything live. You may have newbies and want to review their BP supplier or BP customer invoice coding before the transactions are validated…

    • 30 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: SQL Server Profiler Primer

    Hello all.  In this blog I will provide an overview of an invaluable tool that should be in your toolkit. This tool has been packaged with SQL Server for a long time.  The tool is SQL Server Profiler. 

    SQL Server comes with a great tool to help troubleshoot different types of SQL related issues and to collect metrics like number of Reads, Writes, CPU utilization. The tool is SQL Profiler and comes with SQL Server.  Profiler…

    • 30 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: How to get user's attention with a message banner – A quick guide to User Broadcast Function

    Good afternoon readers. I know that most of you who are reading this are probably sitting at home (like I am), standing in line to buy food, supplies, toilet paper, et cetera, or anxiously walking through isles looking for some specific items. I’ll try my best to keep this post as easy to read as I can. I was planning on writing a nice long intuitive detailed post about the Syracuse Migration Tool but, considering the…

    • 18 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: What are the three different costing types for a work order?

    When a work order is created, processed and costed, three different costs are involved:

    First cost is called Theoretical cost. This cost in the current standard cost and is usually set once a year through the cost rollup for a selected site and selected manufactured product. Once set, it becomes a fixed point of comparison for the site where it is calculated. It normally remains unchanged throughout the year. Users of…

    • 17 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: How to Remember me

    In this blog I will show you how to setup Sage X3 to automatically remember your credentials.  This is a convenient option available that is simple to setup. When you have Sage X3 remember your credentials and you launch X3, you will be taken to your landing page directly and you will not need to enter your login and password.   Let's take a look at how this is set up, and afterwards we will look at how to undo it.


    • 16 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: The Quick Checking Badge Check Checker – How to see your badge counts without the GUI

    Good evening blog readers. Today I have a short blog post but its a good and convenient topic. Did you ever want to know what badges are in use, but too lazy to login and navigate to the badges function and count the badges? Yeah, me too. There is a quick linked URL that you can use that will tell you exactly what badges are being used and how many you have.

    This URL uses the usedBadge function via SDATA.

    Here is the…

    • 12 Mar 2020
  • Sage X3 Support: 6 Steps to Generate an Order using Project Management and MRP

    6 Steps to Generate an Order using Project Management and MRP 

    You know how excited I am to detail how to combine PJM and MRP to generate an order? Let's get started...

    Note: For urgent items, or items with a long lead time purchase orders (PO), work orders (WO) and subcontract orders (EO) can be created before the project structure has been fully defined.


    For our project we want to manufacture a machine tool…

    • 10 Mar 2020