Thinking about improvements in a moment of crisis

The current global health crisis has presented businesses with the toughest economic conditions seen for decades.

While countries work towards re-opening their economies in some fashion over time while balancing the needs of lockdown to suppress outbreaks, there are very many, and very real, impacts upon so many sectors of the economy.  And while not wishing to negate these impacts, every economic downswing - whatever the cause - precedes a return to better days.

Innovative small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) which are quick to react, adapt and find creative ways to run adapt their business when lockdowns and other conditions are lifted, can survive & even thrive in the long-run. Those companies that prepare themselves better now can be ready to move ahead with pace when the upturn begins.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for things to "look better out there", companies should 'look inwards’ and set in place the correct tools and procedures to take advantage of the upturn when it comes.

Over the course of a few blogs in the coming weeks, I will highlight how Sage CRM can enable small and mid-sized businesses to ensure that they are well-placed to succeed in the new reality of a pandemic impacted world.

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