Sage CRM 2021: Ooops! Coping with the Message "A number of Named Users need to be disabled to enable the System License".

I faced this message when I attempted to log-on to one of my training installs this morning. This was approximately 10 minutes before the start of a webinar but I am sure there are quite a few partners to whom this message has appeared in equally alarming circumstances! After a 3 second heart-sink moment I recovered and realised what I had done.

I had used a license key that was for 10 named users but I had the reinstalled my instance of Sage CRM and ticked the option to use demo data. Unfortunately the demo data contains 18 active users and so the license was 'blown out of the water'.

The recovery was pretty quick. I only had to open up my SQL Server Management Studio and run the following SQL against my CRM database.

update users
set user_resource = 'TRUE'
where user_userid !=1

The statement set as 'resources' all the users except the system administrator. I could then log-on with out a problem.

Once I had logged on I checked my license key for the legitimate number of users.

And then I selectively re-enabled the different users I needed for the training by marking them as resource false.

Note: I could also have set the users as disabled as neither resources nor disabled users consume a license.

  • Casey

    Have you sorted the issue out by this morning?

    You need to confirm the Admin ID in the database.

    The Admin is either going to be

    select * from users where user_logon ='Admin'

    or can be identified by their rights.

    select * from users where user_per_admin =3

    Once you have done that you need to go through the entries of the user checking their logon details.

    It may be that your Admin user has a password. This will be encrypted in the database. e.g.

    User_logon : Admin


    If this is the case then you will not be able to guess it, if you don't know it.

    But you can set the password to null.

    update users

    set user_password = null

    where user_logon = 'Admin'

    You should then be able to logon.

  • Jeff:

    I am now getting the following error:

    Incorrect UserID or Password.

    Please try again

    Log On Again

    Note: We have made no changes to 'ADMIN' User and / or 'default' Password

    Please help!

    Thanks, CB

  • Thanks for your help, Jeff. I really appreciate it! Signed, CB

  • You should be able to download the Management Studio from the Microsoft Web Site. If you can't find that or you wish to use an alternative then you could also use a 3rd party like 'Toad'.

  • I could find SQL Server Management Studio for my version of MS SQL Server 2008, or MS SQL Server 2008 R2.

    How do I go about configuring that workaround?

    And yes, for Partners that needed those demo data, this is bad design or design flaw. Please do improve on it, many thanks.