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  • Difficulties Creating New Exployees


    I am trying to create a new employee on the SBCPP account. However, I keep getting errors that throw me out of my account. This keeps reoccurring making it hard to use your software.

    Please can this be resolved.



  • Does Sage crash frequently for you? Just how stable is Sage 100C?

    Hi everyone, I've been working with Sage Support for the past year trying to find out why our Sage keeps crashing. 

    We have tried lots of things, but as the issue isn't 100% replicable and happens to our users at random, I wanted to find out if it…

  • Sage 300 problem for sales by location , updated batch and stock on hand reports

    Hello, all of you, 

    I'm using windows server 2012 installed by sage 300 2019, and I'm facing a problem with some sage reports after I put sage destination (D:\Apps\Sage\runtime\accpac.exe)  in the profile environment to start the program as soon…

  • Desktop has stopped working

    When exporting one of the custom crystal reports we suddenly get the below error message:

    Deskto has stopped working.

    When l went to the windows Event log to check what is the issue l get the below error log:





  • issues after switching to Sage 50 Cloud


    Our company added Sage 50 Cloud to our subscription in May 2021 and we have been having a consistent issue and I can't seem to find much information on it. The issue is users will get a message saying: "The company must be closed in order to apply…

  • Job related PO Receipts getting the error "Damaged data. Receipt. Table PORCPH1 not found."

    Project and Job Costing (Job related) PO Receipts getting the error "Damaged data.  Receipt.  Table PORCPH1 not found.". All other PO receipts have no issues. Please help us to solve this issue. Our Version is Sage 300 ERP 2019 and Database is Sql…

  • Problem with Action Recommended box in MRP

    I have one weird error on a PC that I have tried everything I can to fix.

    If the user goes into Planning and the MRP Recommendations List and tries to Action something, it brings up the Action Recommendations box in the task bar but its completely blank…

  • Error 2146827859 when importing from Synergist

    We have three companies in Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional.  Two were set up some time ago, and the third one in the last year.  We import purchase invoices from a third party programme called Synergist which also has three companies to match Sage, and…

  • Employee Take-on Error

    Hello All,

    I am trying to export an employee take-on template but I have been getting the below error:

    Please assist

  • New ADC - Error message on Picking Function

    I am using the new ADC and all the functions seem to operate properly except Pick Ticket. I can select a picking list or a pick ticket, I am then shown the items on the pick ticket, but as soon as I press Update on the first line I picked  .I get this error…

  • Error when query table from custom database

    Hi all,

    I have a custom database(not company database) to store information to be retrieve by all companies in a custom form. I am able to query its table using plain query in MSSQL Management Studio.

    With Sage 200, I am able to make a connection to the…

  • Could not open the UI when trying to open modules on Sage 300

    Sage 300 was working fine and the next day the user was getting the error "Could not open the UI. the system may be busy because another application (such data conversation application) has locked the company's database. Other wise the UI was not opened…

  • Vat Report Sales does not correspond with Trail balance Sales

    Our auditor contacted me to ask why we over paid SARS

    I then figured out that the VAT Report shows we generated more sales (invoices) than the Trial Balance, with quite a significant amount, how is this possible?

    So it seems like we made excessive VAT…

  • Record is missing from "{filepath}\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_LockFileInfo.M4T"


    We are getting this error on one user's computer whenever they try to receive goods, and it pops up sporadically whenever they close out of other modules. I cannot find anything for this error, the similar error that is posted about frequently…

  • Sage 50 printer

    I installed sage 50 2022 on Mac using parallels, it crashes so often but the real issue i have is i can't send invoices using email or I can't print any report via PDF printer. Anyone have any luck inn installing correct .net Famework? 

  • Sage Accounting Down Again? 07/09 @ 13h00

    Is Sage seriously down again? I can't even reach the home page to log in:

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

    What is happening? It's the 7th of the month and we are all trying desperately to run…

  • ERROR 522

    Well Sage what now.

    First the Time sheets that could not import and now Error 522.

    Please can we get feedback on when we will be back up and running. 

  • Pastel 19 SDK Error

    Good Day,

    I hope I'm at the Right Place to Ask this Question, Else can I please be pointed to where to ask this Question.

    We use the Sage SDK to do 3rd Party integration into Pastel, but has now run into a Strange Error on a New Installation that…

  • Database setup : Unable to connect to database error 49153

    Hello Everyone, I am currently learning Sage 300 2019.

    I did install all the software and setup the database as seen on the textbook Using Sage 300 by 2017 Christine A. Heaney.

    After I setup the database in SQL Server Management Studio, for two database…

  • Run time error '5'

    Hi there

    This error occur when I click on the company button

  • Time Tracking

    Good day 

    We are unable to import our monthly time sheets and Your Call center is no help.

    Please assist 

  • Correcting a memory issue Error 160: Object memory space full *:

    This issue was observed while generating the Licence plate.

    Getting this error is related to the class memory field.

    To correct this error, you need to navigate to the following location within X3

    1. Setup > General Parameters > Folder Generation…

    An invoice was created for a client but does not appear on the customer ledger. It appears in the "Documents.mdb Header" and not in the "Documents.mdb Lines" Is there a way of recreating this so that the customer statement would have all the invoices…

  • SIHI Line 30 Legal No Account Found & Rollback Following Error in Transaction

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Troubleshooting assistance and step by step guides for known errors

    Good Day community,

    Do you need help resolving an error in your Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting software?

    We have created the following interactive infographic with links to our step by step KnoweldgeBase articles to assist you in solving these known issues…