Issues converting company after the 2020.1 update

All customers should now have access to the 2020.1 update, but we are still seeing issues converting the database. Please see KB article 102392 for instructions on how to address this issue.

  • I did all the recommendations and I am still unable to access my Sage 50.  This is terrible because I have bills that need to be paid today!  The only option I have been given is to open a company for 2024 after doing the back up.

  • Hello ETreds, where are you now with your data? A hotfix patch is now available, see this latest announcement with details on KB 102602

  • I tried this hotfix.   I had downloaded 2020.1.    It still doesn't allow me to open my company files.  I tried restoring from several backups as well and I still get 'company files can't be opened' message.     this is getting ridiculous.

  • Make sure the names in file form and what you named your Simply are the EXACT same. I had restored from a back up, named it one thing when I saved it, and then changed the name of my Simply app and it gave me the same message. 

  • Hi I tried this out, unfortunately I still can't restore from my most recent back up.  The backups seem to be in SAI format not CAB.  How can I convert these?  If I can't restore from my most recent back up then I will have lost all my work including my December 2019 payroll. ):

  • Hi ,

    When you launch Sage 50, run it as admin  manually by right clicking the Sage 50 icon and selecting "run as administrator."

    This should launch a welcome screen similar to the one below. Depending on your backup format. If your backup file extension is .CAB select “Restore from backup”. OR If your backup folder has a .SAI file and .SAJ sub-folder with matching names choose the “select an existing company” option to locate the backup manually. Alternatively, if you have a sample company file open, then these options below are also available via the File menu.

    If you're still having issues after trying the hotfix from January 3rd, some options to try include:

    • Re-installing Sage 50 CA version 2020 using the download in KB 100797 released Jan 6, 2020
  • I FINALLY got it to work!!! Thank you!

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