Important: RSA - Updated UI-19 Form

Dear X3 HR and Payroll User

The UI-19 form was updated by the Department of Labour to make provision for new “reasons for termination” and “reasons for non-contribution”. This form is used to declare employee details to the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Please read through the documentation  which explains all the changes to the UI-19 and the setup required on X3 HR & Payroll to report the correct information. 

The patches should be integrated to both the reference and daughter folders. Access: Development > Utilities > Patches > Patch integration- Please request all this from our Support Desk  

The updated report will be included in release HR U9.0.18 (version 9) and 2020 R3 (12.0.23) (version 12).

Kind Regards 

X3 HR and Payroll