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Sage X3 V12 2021 R4 VAT date utility to run for VAT framework usage

A new VAT date field (VATDAT) has been added to the journal entry header (GACCENTRY table) from V12 2021 R4 (P 28) and is now considered as the reference date for the tax declaration.

This VAT date is not updated on existing journal entries during the 2021R4 upgrade process, for performance purposes.

The utility  FIN210810_249248 is delivered to populate this field according to the DCLVATDAT – Date for tax declaration parameter (CPT chapter, VAT group : Accounting date or Document date) must be run after the upgrade process.

It must be run before the next VAT declaration. Otherwise, journal entries with an empty VAT date will not be considered, even though the related document date or accounting date are included in the declaration’s date ranges.

Note that in the case of migration to V12, the utility is automatically run during the folder validation process.