Printing Shipment packing labels

We are going to look at printing Delivery / Shipping packaging labels.  This is handy especially for businesses that ship goods and would like to have a label that shows the content of the parcel, destination & the origin.

We can configure a label printer to print the labels that will go on the box or container of our  sales delivery.

Let's look at the setup.

1.  Label report. dictionary  -  The  report code we are going to use for our Delivery packing labels is called SETICOL

To review the characteristics of the report code we go to Development > Script dictionary  and we enter our report code SETCOL.  In this function we can view, edit the crystal report, associate the report with a label printer and set a default Destination. 

2.   Entry transactions

The Sales delivery -  Let us look at the ALL, FRPOS , FRDEC  Entry Transactions.   On the parameters tab, Packing block we can set the packing type     to either Declarative (Packing by package) or Post packing (Packing by line).  The three entry transactions are used when we generate / print label depending on the choice we make.

The Stock  Packing Entry transaction.  On the parameter tab, on the Printing block we select Stock Label on the Printing drop down window. On the Document , we select our SETICOL label  and optionally select to automatically print.

3.   We  go and define our destination in Setup destinations  to setup our label printer if that has not been configured already In my example I want the  output to preview on my screen.

4.  We also have to define the packing on the Product -Site for our product, in Common Data Products. We select our product & on the Management tab, Packing block we select Packing, Stock detail, choose the the packaging size  based on our stock unit of measure.  We also select the Packaging capacity.

5. We can add different types, dimensions of our packaging on Packaging - Common data > Product tables if the standard packing sizes already created for us in the system are not enough.

We have completed our setup now let us generate our labels. Now let's look at the transaction

6.  We create a  sales order, picking ticket for the product you setup above.

7.  We  can generate your  delivery label on the Shipment preparation block  before or after  creating a Delivery by choosing the Declared packing  or After Packing options.

8. We  can also optionally print the labels in bulk in the  Stock module  on the Packing block.   You also have an option to inquire on the parcel content as well.