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Sage Banking Cloud - Re-Enter Credentials or Sage Bank Feed Account requires authorization

Despite successfully linking my bank account to Sage Bank Feeds previously, I am now being asked to re-enter the credentials for my account. Why is this happening?

  • It is a standard message that appears when a multi-factor authentication bank account has failed to link.

  • To resolve this, please navigate in Sage to Manage Bank Feeds > Update Login Details and re-enter your credentials. Please ensure you accept the authentication request from your bank.

  • If the error persists, please log in to your online banking profile (on your banking website) and make sure that no additional screens are appearing between logging in and getting to the transactions of your account. These screens could be new terms and conditions you may need to accept, information that you potentially need to confirm, such as contact details, or it could be a general marketing pop-up or a COVID-19 notification. Please ensure that you action and close all of these screens.

  • If you still get an error message after completing the above steps, please send an email to [email protected] and include the email address you use to login to Sage Accounting so that we can escalate the issue.