Sage HRMS: Announcing Sage HRMS Q1 2021 product update

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For detailed information about these releases, see the Sage HRMS Q1 2021 release notes.

Note: Please see Sage Knowledgebase Article 110026 for information regarding the America Rescue Plan Act.

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Important: If you use third-party products that integrate with Sage HRMS check with the vendor of your third-party product to ensure their product is fully compatible with these releases. If you integrate with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure that these components are compatible.

  1. Click applicable link below to download and install the update:
    Download Sage HRMS Q1 2021 product update
    Download Sage HRMS Employee Self Service Q1 2021 product update  
  2. If you are prompted to log on, enter your Customer Portal Username and Password, and then click Log on.

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  • I reviewed the Release Notes and the Knowledgebase Article and I am wondering why is there a new tax code set up in the release notes for CVIDSO? It was not laid out as something users should do, that I could see, in the Article 110026. Is the CVIDSO tax code necessary for Q1 product update? If so, where can I find additional information on CVIDSO?

  • If you go to Article 110026 and hover your cursor over the *Related Resources 

    How to set up earnings codes and tax codes associated with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) in Sage HRMS 

    It will highlight the link that will take you to another article that was published last March.  There are several attachments at the bottom for changes to the FFCRA tax codes that were not communicated to customers. (Similar to when customer support was changed directly from Sage to partners. Zero communication from Sage.)  These attachments outline some other tax codes that you needed to install last year in order to benefit from the SS tax reduction.

    I would like to know if we did not add the CVIDSF code, do we need to change our tax codes?

    I would also like to know how to find out when those important attachments are issued.

  • On page 11 of the Q1 2021 release notes, the box near the top of the page


    Verify that:

    • Qualified Family Leave is using local tax code COVIDSF
    • Qualified Social Security Sick Leave is using local tax code COVIDSS
    • Qualified Social Security Sick Leave is using local tax code COVIDSO

    What is the difference in the last two items?  When should I use the tax code COVIDSS as opposed to COVIDSO? 

  • When the CVIDSS tax codes were originally setup Article 104155 advised that the Employer Calc. Method be set to None.  Article 110026 now shows it set to Percentage of Base, but I am unable to change this and the Employer tab is hidden.  Do I need to delete these codes and recreate them or will running the Q1 update fix this?

  • Running the Q1, 2021 product update will update the Employer Calc Method to show Percentage of Base and the Employer Tab will be available to enter the percentage for Social Security.