• How to add a large number of assets in batch?

    Is there a way to enter multiple assets at once? 

    We've been adding one by one using the "Add an asset" button.

  • Net Book Values on Fully Disposed Assets

    I feel like I must just be missing something obvious but I can't for the life of me figure out why I've got a bunch of old, disposed assets that have small residual net book values still remaining. These assets are gone, they are off our books in the…

  • Remaining Value Method Asset with 3 months amortization Posted 2 months amortization the first month

    Hello everyone,

    We are using Sage Fixed Assets - Premier Depreciation V2022.0

    We also use this program for Amortization of Prepaid Assets.

    We have an Prepaid that was entered into FAS with the following Parameters:

    In Service Date = 7/1/2022


  • Need to edit an asset from prior year

    We have a security system that was set up as one lump sum asset last year.  I need to break it down into its components instead. For example, there are 15 security cameras that each need to be set up separately under the same asset. How do I accomplish…

  • Reducing the value of an asset


    An asset was added in 2018 for $248K. Due to a settlement in our favor, the asset value needs reduced to about $100K. I know I would just change the acquisition value of the asset for each of the books, but how would I handle depreciation? I don…

  • Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation 2021.1 crashing when running depreciation reports


    We recently upgraded to Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation 2021.1, and the program is crashing when I run depreciation reports.  Not always, but more often than not.  Depreciation appears to be calculating correctly.

    I talked with my IT team,…

  • Installation of FAS Lite


    My client just purchased FAS Lite.  They would like to install it on the server so multiple people can access it (one at a time, of course).  Is this doable?  Or are they only allowed to install it on a single workstation?  The installation instructions…

  • Fixed Assets 2020 Downloads

    I tried to find the downloads for Sage2020 and could not find them easily.  On the FAS downloads page all I see are the 2021 downloads.  When I click More at the bottom of the Latest Product section nothing happens.  I had to go to the KB and find a how…

  • Global Task Manager

    Running depreciation reports and error comes back saying - Unable to run Depreciate -- Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  • Not Letting me Adjust Beginning Accumulated Depciation


    I am having a hard time adjust beginning accumulated depreciation in an asset. I am trying to force Accumulated depreciation as our GL is off compared to Sage since we had a ransom ware attack. For some groups of assets it wont let me change the…

  • Fixed Assets Tracker - scanner device

    Does anyone have any recommendations/experience as to which of the two bar code scanners Sage recommends on their site (Unitech PA692A or Intermec CN51) is the better of the two? 

    We've recently tried to use the Android based app, with very mixed "success…

  • Asset Template

    I think it would be nice to be able to export, update, and re-import asset templates. We have a lot of asset template set up to simplify adding assets.Since it requires a date / year to be entered it would be nice to update them on an annual basis. I…

  • 2020.1.1 Service Update


    I'm having an issue with our FAS server. I had to manually download the patch update, 2020.1.1 Service Update, from the website since our firewall is flagging the update from the Sage Advisor Update as a virus.

    Anyways, I have the patch installed…

  • Beginning YTD and Year-End Cutover

    Fiscal year end for a company is 12/31/2019. 

    They've been keeping their books in another system.

    They want to import assets with depreciation already taken through 12/31/2019.

    Is it necessary to import into the Beginning YTD field?

    The documentation…

  • Required Fields

    Is it possible for make fields required based off other field values? For example, we want to require a serial number  and model number for assets in a specific class. 

  • Sagefas 500 error state that "placing assets in service dates after 2019 are not allowed"

    Dear Team,
    I’m  receiving an error  in sagefas 500 when attempting to add a new asset with a service date  from January, 2020 that states "placed in service dates after 2019 are not allowed".  Please advise as it seems it the limitation of…
  • Amortizable asset auto populating 5 year SF, but I need it at 15 year estimated life.

    I have an amortizable asset that is a 15 year estimated life asset, but the system is automatically making it a 5 year asset. I have a similar asset placed in service 1 month earlier that worked just fine. This was placed in service 12/17/2018.

  • Depreciation Roles and Segregation of Duties

    Do you have a matrix or template we can follow for our finance department?  We have 3 roles:

    - FAS500 Sys Admin - for IT to add users

    - Finance Admins - for Finance to add/modify a company

    - Finance Users - for Regular Finance Staff

    We are getting an inquiry…

  • Looking to change Estimated Life and GL Asset and Accum Numbers

    Hello all,

    We want to reclassify an asset from machinery to computer equipment.  We originally had this asset set up with an estimated life of eight years, now we need it to be changed to five years.  The asset has been depreciated for six months already…

  • Fixed Asset 2018.1 Client Crashes After Installation Windows 7

    FAS Install Client Problem.docx

    We recently upgraded our FAS server side to 2018.1. I am attempting to install the Premier Client on Windows 7 workstations. After the installation and reboot when trying to open the Premier Depreciation it will ask to…

  • Negative Acquired Value reported different on Fixed Asset reports

    Have a client that just started using Fixed Assets this past year, with 12/31/17 figured imported.

    They have a number of assets with a negative cost. These are calculating correctly into the Total Acquired Value, but not in Depreciable Basis on the Net…

  • FAS 2018.1 and SQL 2012 SP4

    We are planning on upgrading our SQL from 2012 SP3 to SP4 (11.0.7001.0).  I just wanted to see if others have already done this, and if they had any issues.

  • Unable to download 2018.1 Premier

    Unable to download 2018.1 Premier.  I get and error stating my Business Care account is not active. - any ideas on this?  I am number 9 in queue after waiting 15-20min :-)


  • Sage Download and Knowledge base Site Down??

    Can anyone tell me when the support.na.sage.com website will be available? I have a Sage FAS update that I need to install, and the site is currently down for maintenance? How else can I perform the 2018.1 update?

  • Wrong Prior Thru date

    Hi Everyone,

    I am experiencing a problem in FAS. After disposing of an asset the depreciation expense report is showing the wrong prior through date of 12/11 and therefore calculating the wring depreciation this run. I am not sure what could be causing…