• Error by disposing asset

    Hi all!

    A user tried to dispose of an asset with the component asset assigned to it.  

    After, the componet asset was disposed of as expected, but not the general asset.

    In general asset, even information exists record entry that it has been disposed of…


    Good day

    I have two scenarios:

    Scenario 1: I pay money to various inter-company BP's, as an advanced to be able to pay creditors. As they receive revenue they pay the money back. I need to calculate monthly interest based in daily balances. Is there any…

  • reopen PO that has been invoiced

    We have a case where we'd like to reopen a PO that has been invoiced however it is direct PO setup where there is no receipt as it is for non-goods.  I'm getting the below error when using the reopen/close function.  So is there any other way to…

  • Fixed assets take-on to allow entry of life-to-date depreciation

    Good day

    I am using the depreciation method UL. 

    I want to create an asset and enter the book value and the life to date depreciation. 

    Currently the depreciation total field is not open, which means the moment I create the asset the depreciation method…

  • No Applicable Rate when posting purchase invoice


    I am getting an error message when i try to post my invoice that there is no applicable rate for one of the purchase invoice lines. 

    We create our purchase invoices based on the receipt number.

    We are on V11, Patch 14




    Good day

    I am using a non-billable sales delivery to issue stock for internal consumption. The reason for this is, the bookkeepers in the business have to verify and then validate the issue transactions created by the clerks.

    I have to questions / issues…

  • Enter backdated shipment for product that has since expired

    We have a scenario as follows

    Sales Order was done on 18/11/2021

    The product to be delivered expires 20/11/2021

    Physical delivery to the client was done on 19/11/2021

    The delivery was only captured in Sage X3 on 22/11/2021 although we changed the delivery…

  • Import Material Cost Variance


    We are on Sage X3 2019 R4 (12.0.19).

    We are importing raw materials and when the stocks are arrived, we need to issue those into production as we are in a tight planning schedule. Received materials will be issued to production with the average…

  • SST multiple Tax GL Accounts

    What is the best method to  create Tax postings to multiple GL Accounts when using Sage Sales Tax (Avalera).  Example would be tax for California is posted to account 22101 and tax for Texas is posted to 22102, etc.  SAGE Sales Tax only suggests one TAX…

  • Sage X3 Stock Valuation per Product per Warehouse


    Is it possible to have an average cost per warehouse for a product for the same site?

  • 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…

  • Pre-receipt [GESPPTO]

    How to generate stock quantity by Order pre-receipt function?

  • No Journal Entries on Production Plan (FUNBENCHI)

    We want to start using the Production Plan for non-WO production tracking. The WIP Posting function will NOT post any journal entries for completed records. I run the function wide open with the Entry Type set as "Tracking w/o WO" and nothing happens…

  • Sage X3 transaction amount split functionality

    Is there a tool or functionality to split or distribute a transaction amount or account balance from one GL account to another GL account either in percentage or fixed amount?

  • error closing work order

    I'm receiving a different error trying to close the work order in my testing environment 'a sub-contract operation is ordered or in progress. closing not possible.'   The PO created from the work order has been received with same quantity as…

  • BPCVAL does not post FRA Legislation BP Customer invoices

    Using V11 Patch18.

    We can individually validate BP Customer Invoices for FRA legislation customers, but when we try and use the BPCVAL function, (validate customer invoices). All we get is a Go Sub error

    Unfortunately, I can't get at the more details…

  • Batch JE Function - reversals?

    Can you create reversing entries in the Batch JE function? If so where? 

    Financials > Journals > Batch Entry

  • SO Prepayment doesn't appear on Sales Invoice?

    X3 V12 here. Toying with use of Prepayments in SO module and in my testing I can see that when a sales invoice is created from a SO where a prepayment has been made, the prepayment doesn't appear until the invoice is POSTED. Our current business process…

  • Automatic Journal Line: not create an JE for zero value?

    Maybe I am overthinking this........  Our WIP auto journal sometimes creates a zero value entry for variance not absorbed (line 30).  Not really an issue except this JE line is always missing dimensions required for our variance account.  Again - not a show…

  • customer order

    The sales order quantity for a product is 1 but the system is showing a quantity of 5. Somehow the same order has been duplicated 5 times in the workbench but the quantity on the order remains the same which is 1. What could be the cause and is there…

  • Receiving Consignment Stock


    We have a supplier who will ship us certain amounts of inventory for us to hold as consignment. Sometimes, they request that we use the material to produce a finished good for them. We're wondering if there is a better way to handle this than what…

  • How to Allocate stock/create shortage against intervention

    Hi Guys,

    V12 PU 25.

    Wondering if there is a way to manage the following scenario involving service interventions.

    When creating an intervention typically we need to specify the parts required for the job. We can do this under the consumption, however…

  • Labor Costs- STOJOUVAL table

    I have configured labor costs as 17 hours by 30.56 = $519.52 however have seen on a few production tracking processes that there is an extra line for $112.66.   I cannot figure out where this extra labor cost value is coming from.  the below is from the…

  • UK Construction Industry Scheme setup

    This is really a question for Sage, but any assistance would be appreciated.

    HMRC in the UK recently changed how CIS VAT was calculated, and therefore reported.

    I was wondering whether there was any documentation, processes, setup information, on how…

  • Making Credit Card Tokens work in X3?

    One of our business partners on their quest to be fully PCI Compliant will no longer be handing off credit card information to us. Instead, they will be providing us a token that is associated to a customer's credit card, and also associated to our merchant…