Good day

    What solutions are available in Sage X3 for treasury management?

  • Reopening a closed bank rec


    I need to reopen a closed bank reconciliation. Is this possible on Sage X3?



  • Function GESPAY Supplier cash payment Error: Open item being matched

    A/P-A/R accounting>Payments>Payment/Receipt(GESPAY)>

    SCAS Supplier Cash Payments> For Advance payment entry, every time a user tries to create the entry faces the following error. need urgent help. 

    X3 Application error: Open item being matched…

  • Field error "Document name" when opening an attachment from a Sage X3 transaction

    Good day

    We attach a new attachment to a Sage X3 transaction.

    When someone then open the attachment, the first time, can be downloaded and viewed. When the same attachment is opened for the  second time the error displayed is that the document or directory…


    Hello All,

    Please i need your help, anytime i transfer an item from One site to another Site the cost amount doesn't transfer along with it.

    Please Help.

  • Stock receipt entry is not generated correctly


    We use Save X3 V12 & have the issue with stock receipt entry.

    When running stock accounting interface for a purchase receipt, a journal entry is generated but the journal entry lines are not generated correctly. There are 2 cases

    - if valuation…

  • Journal entries created but not posted


    We are using V12, we encountered the issue that entries created but not posted in GL. 

    - batch server is still running

    - Accounting task is active but the number of journal on hold is 22

    How to solve this issue & make 22 journal on hold to be posted…

  • Quality control STD Quality Control - flag issue

    We have an issue with Quality control detail - line flag shows character  [ E ]  as shown below:

    We looked at documantation of sagex3 v12, just they have explanation of the following flags: 

    [ F ]

    [ + ]

    [ * ]

    Anyone have an idea about this case and how to…

  • problem creation of direct Sales invoice from Service Request screen

    when i try to create direct Sales invoice from Service Request screen an error appear (no invoice created)

  • Posting the WIP

    When we posting the WIP on 31/03/2022 creating some issues like these,

    wip posting error

    It has says “Unbalanced Journal Legal”. I tried to run again the WIP after obtain following solution

    1. Changed formula on Automatic Journal > WIP > Line 35 > Amount from…
  • matching customer with different financial sites

    is it possible to match a customers sales invoice which is to one site with an AP credit that was the same customer to a different financial site?

    if so, how?  If not, what do users do in these situations?

    fyi- the company is the same within the financial…

  • Colorado Delivery Fee Charge

    As of July 1, 2022 Colorado has imposed a Delivery Fee of 27 cents on every order with a Delivery Address in Colorado.

    Sage does not pass Zero Invoicing Elements to Avalara, so the way around was to add two invoicing elements one with +1 cent and the SST…

  • Is there an import template for Batch Journal Entries?

    Client wants to move away from regular journal entries and use Batch Entry exclusively in order to have a review and post capability.  However, I don't see an import template for batch journal entries.

  • Quantity in Suspended transaction need to be cleared


    We have some quantity in Suspended transaction for a particular item, which occurred during a Shipment transaction due to the insufficient quantity. Later we received the same item using MISC Receipt, but the suspended quantity not updated, suppose…

  • Purchase Grouping Workbench recurring task

    Is there a way to automate FUNMPICKA to run every night and generate a PO?

    Out of the box, there is no task setup to do this. When I try to setup a task and select either FUNMPICKA or GESMRLA, I get an error: 

    GOBJET : Action not generated in this funct…

  • Stock journal not having values

    Hi team

    I need some assistance. I am facing a situation where I am having stock journals created but not having values. The process is triggered from a purchase> purchase receipt> and the purchased items were supposed to be received as stock but now,…

  • Non-existent variable BOX

    I'm getting this error "Error 6: Non-existent variable BOX", but I can't access GSAISIE so I don't know what variable BOX does.

    Has anyone had this error and managed to solve it?

  • Error in returning stock - Line movements are pending, please adjust

    Hi team,

    I am facing a challenge in returning a stock where as I have deliveries and I was able to create credit notes among the steps in returning the stock but I am facing an error as in below screenshot as soon as I select the delivery number so as…

  • No data in GACCTMP

    Good day

    We have an issue where no transaction is written to the GACCTMP table.

    Any transaction that we try to post in Sage gives an error and the process stops. When I look at GACCTMP I see no record in this table.

    I have tested Purchase Invoices, Sales…

  • Non-AR Cash Receipt

    Hi -

    What is the best way to record a non-AR Cash Receipt?  End-user gets a check from a vendor (or customer) with no open receivable or payable.  Just wants to deposit in the bank, debit cash and credit a misc. revenue account.  Journal entry?

  • Miscellaneous Issue vs Count Session

    Components not included on BOM (screws, wire) are counted weekly for consumption.

    Is it better to complete the count session or Miscellaneous issue the component out of the system?

    Is there a notable difference that should be considered?

  • How are Expected Costs calculated in Sage X3?


    We are finding that it's become near impossible for us to Close and Cost our work orders prior to our shipments. We run on average costs. To ensure our actuals are close to the expected, does anyone have a breakdown on how Expected Costs are calculated…

  • Unable to post sales invoice- "No Line to Process" Error

    Unable to post sales invoice- "No Line to Process" Error

    Hi Everyone,

    I am unable to post sales invoice, getting error as "No Line to Process" Error. We have added conversion factor- 1-CASE = 20-Bags

    Can anyone advise me?

    Thanks in…

  • This asset already has a principal asset error

    Dear Sagians,

    I am getting below error when selecting retained expenses. I want to remove this expense and add another expense. Any ideas will be highly appreciable.


  • Invoice won't post and errors with "Unbalanced Distribution"

    Our Customer Service team started receiving this error when posting some invoices: "CI2200860 ZSIHI : Unbalanced Distribution 4 (ZSIHI Line 410)" and I'm not having any luck resolving it. I have run GTEST to check the posted amounts and they balance. I…