Login - Sage X3 V6.5 - problems logging in.

Hi There,

We're new to the x3 community and still in the process of implementing the erp.

When we login via web, we see 2 tabs:

1) new browser

2) browser tab

*self explanatory.

For some reason, the new browser which i'm used to and like will not take me to the login page when i click on the link for PILOT.  The browser tab, lets me login just fine, except I cannot open up a new session or print any reports.

This issue seems to be only on my computer.  

I have already gone to internet options \ security tab \ trusted site and put in the ip address in.  The securtiy level is also set to low and I have turned off all pop up blockers in custom level setting as well as privacy tab.

I used to be able to login fine.  Not sure what settings were changed.

Can someone help please? 


  • Hello,

    There is one item that you can try, (please first check with your IT specialist) which is to reset your Internet Explorer (IE) by using the reset button on the advanced tab.

    This will erase all the ActiveX and when you launch the web client, it will prompt to install the ActiveX again.

    On the other hand knowing what version of IE you have and also what version of Web server you have installed would help.

    In other words if you look at the platform document that is also available in the resource center tab you will notice below.

  • I reset the IE button in advanced tab and again, nothing changed.  I can access x3 using browser tab but not new browser tab.

    I'm also restricted to doing anything that requires a pop up i.e. printing of reports.  I cannot do that from the browser tab.

    When I click on the new browser tab, I can't get the login screen to come.  Instead i'm stuck on this link:


    Can someone please advise something else we can try?

    We're using IE 10 on this machine and we have been using IE 10 on other machines also and its working fine.

  • I am assuming after resetting IE, you have added the Web client address to trusted sites again and set the security to low?

    Everything here points to an issue with Popups, but I suggest you open a support case with Sage Customer support and we can assist you further.



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