hello team, I have two questions about exploiting web scheduling:

+when I make a quantity modification on a production order in the web scheduling: will the modified quantity be changed in sage x3 during the data export.

+ in the new version of web scheduling: we have displayed customer orders, purchase orders and stock: are these elements imported with production orders?

  • Hello Jabali,

    No, the quantity modification is only for simulation purposes. At the next import the original value in X3 will override the scheduler value.

    The customer order, purchase order and material handling in general is on the horizon but is not yet available.

  • Thank you for your answer, honestly I am disappointed by this scheduling tool.it is very limited compared to Ortems.

  • Hello Jebali,

      My analysis of Ortems doesn't show any major gaps and I'd be interested in in hearing about the limitations you've found and in which industries they apply. If you have some time and would be willing to share please send me your email in a private message. In the call I can also walk you though how to handle some of these requirements on a project basis.