• Sage 300 CRE - workstation actian services require domain admin

    We have some issues with Sage 300 CRE v22.2 where the client workstations won't connect to the company folders unless we change the Actian service logon user to a domain controller. We receive an IO error status code 94. I've read over some of the documentation…
  • How to connect Sage CRE Accounting with existing database

    Hello, i've database file. i need to load data in my sage cre 300. I've installed sage cre 300 in my local machine but not found database dump and database load application. Could you guys help here how to connect with this database? Thanks, …
  • Is there an easy way to confirm tax version?

    Is there no simple way to confirm which tax update version you are on? I thought it would be as easy as opening PR, going to Help > About and seeing it right there. According to an old Sage knowledgebase article I found. Their suggestion is to check the…
  • Sage 300 CRE Source Journal

    So I've been asked about setting up Source Journals in Sage 300 CRE to assist with looking up summary entries in GL and not having much luck finding documentation on the subject. I'm guessing there might be a gap in terminology (and my ignorance) but…
  • Installing Version 22.2 Update 3

    I installed version 22.2 update 3 on our Sage 300 CRE database server last night without any issue and confirmed the updated version on the PR.exe application. However, when I attempted to install the update on our shared workstation, I received the message…
  • w3btrv7.dll

    Install says it cannot be found. But I have the same program, same version on my computer and I cannot find that file on my computer but Timberline works. Help. Sue
  • Sage 300 CRE -- Official Support for Microsoft Server 2022 & Windows 11

    Can we please get an update on when Sage will officially support Microsoft Server 2022 and Windows 11? Currently, all documentation that i can find says that those operating systems are not supported. I understand that some users report no issues running…
  • Sage 300 CRE Accounting - Windows 11

    Can we please install Sage 300 CRE on Windows 11 Pro Operating System now?
  • Canadian Payroll Tax Update 23.01 - Effective date of Tax Rates

    After running the Canadian Payroll Tax Update 23.01 should the Effective Date in Setup > Taxes > Tax Rates be: 1 January 2023 or 2 January 2023. Also, what should my Payroll Version be, mine says "Version (22.2.1)" - is that correct?
  • status error code 171

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Sage 22.2. It will work but when I come in the next day, I keep getting this same error code.
  • Idaho SUI and WAPFML with 2023 tax download

    We downloaded our 2023 US taxes yesterday. We have version Sage CRE version 20.3.1. It seems to have wiped out our employee portion of the WAPFML and it changed the IDSUI. Was there some sort of error, or is it possible this is related to incompatibility…
  • 2022 Year-End Procedures for AP, AR & GL

    Where can I find the Year-End Procedures for AP, AR & GL?
  • File Names and/or paths too long

    While trying to download the Sage 300 CRE 22.2.1 download, I receive a Sage Download Error when it is 100% saying that the file and/or path names are too long? I asked Sage in a live chat and they said try ID 32707. So, I moved all my pdf and excel files…
  • Security Record not letting us link contract to job after 22.2 upgrade. What is the fix to this error message?

    Security Record not letting us link contract to job after 22.2 upgrade. What is the fix to this error message? "This job is restricted by record security"
  • Cannot download Sage 300 CRE

    I am logged into my Sage account, and can see my activation codes and current support. However, trying to download the latest Sage 300 CRE, I get this error: Sorry, there has been an error We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you are not…
  • 2nd US Tax Update?

    Does anyone know when SAGE will be doing a second tax update to grab the states that posted theirs late? Oregon released 12/28 and I am sure there are others.
  • MyAssistant 22 install

    Do I need to update the files before installing MyAssistant?
  • Install

    I am unable to install update 22.2. Is anyone else having issues?
  • Sage 300 CRE: 2023 Canadian Payroll Tax update

    When is update going to be made available, its dec 28, download page on sage states last updated aug 2022?
  • Can you apply update 1 to Server before installing 22.2 on workstations?

    When I go to install the 22.2 year-end version of 300, after installing 22.2 on server can I immediately install update 1 on the server? Meaning prior to making my rounds and stopping at 40 workstations. Then at each workstation, can I install 22.2 and…
  • Do I need to update to 22.2 if I use Aatrix for W2s and 1099

    I will once again vocalize my HATRED for these required end of the year upgrades....as if there isn't enough Government reporting etc going on in December, lets go ahead and add a mandatory upgrade of major versions to the task list. Back on track…
  • Install

    unable to access the cm error message file after installing 22.1
  • Version 22.2

    Is this version ready to be installed yet? I cant seem to find it. I see there is an update for it.
  • Confused about Year End + Payroll Updates for v20.5.X - Do I need to upgrade to v22.2U1 before 1/1/2023???

    I have read a lot of the posts on this forum, and all this said I'm personally new to dealing with Sage. I'm the new IT person for a construction firm and they're currently running v20.5.1,21. (by new IT guy I mean I just took over their IT about a month…
  • Sage 300 CRE 20.3.1 version

    Hi we're currently using Sage 300 CRE 20.3.1 verision. Would be best practice to upgrade to 20.4 or 20.5 before jumping into 22.2? Thank you