• Remove an invoices from our Invoice Aging Report

    Our GL is correct, but as a result of a conversion issue, we have an AP Invoice stuck on our aging report that we do not wish to show up there. We do not wish to pay it, because then our GL will be off. Is there a way to remove this invoice from the invoice…

  • AP Electronic Payment (ACH) Remittance

    I am curous to know what people are using as remittance for their Electronic Payments (ACH) in Accounts Payable?   The "notifications" report that is generated from the payment process seems pretty bare (no headings, titles etc) -- just has floating…

  • VAT recording from AP to GL

    Dear Team,

    Re posting the issue again to get more attention , the problem is unsolved and demanding immediate attention.

    We have noticed a strange issue in treatment of VAT. The VAT is calculated in AP correctly and reflected in VAT report as well. However…

  • Setting Different Terms for Vendor Based on Job

    Is there anyway to set different terms on a Vendor if they have differing terms based on negotiations for specific projects?  I know one way would be to set-up separate vendors but that becomes a whole other issue.  I'm trying to figure out a way to simplify…

  • Printing invoices from AP Inquiry

    We use Timberscan to import invoices in Sage for electronic copies. I sometimes have to print a stored invoice from the AP inquiry screen. It has always worked fine up until this week. Now when I print any invoice (no matter how old) the print out has…

  • AP - Recurring

    We are new to Sage and yesterday I tried my hand at putting in quite a number of recurring invoices.  This did not work out so well due to various payment dates setup in the vendor masters, which I corrected.  Now I have a bunch showing as being due.

  • AP crashes large group of change invoices


    I have an end user that reclassed about 50 invoices that were coded incorrectly.  The AP > Change Invoices allowed him to make the change, however AP crashed when he posted the changes.  I didn't get an error code, but I'd like to know best practices…

  • Payments by Credit Card.

     I'm trying to research an entry that was recorded by using Payments by Credit and am unable to find where this charge was posted to. I've inquired under AP vendors, payments by credit card etc. ??? I can't find an answer for this specific question in…

  • AP invoice payment approval report

    When we setup Invoice Approval in AP, one of the things we did was setup Approval IDs, so we could tell who approved an invoice.  However, now that we've used this for a while, I can't find a report which displays this data.  Is there a way to create…

  • Outsource invoice processing

    We are considering outsourcing our invoice processing and payments.  We are looking for a third party to scan, kick off workflows and pay the invoices, not invoice/payment automation.  We would need to integrate the third party processor with Sage 300 CRE…

  • Possible bug in version 20.1

    I recently upgraded to version 20.1.  In AP, I voiced a check that was printed previously in version 18.4, and restored the invoice as open (but did not select for payment during the void).  For the same vendor, I created another, new, invoice.  I went into…

  • Set Up Vendors & Customers

    When did Sage start printing journals when you set up a new customer / vendor or make changes to a current one?  Is there a way to turn this off????  I feel like it is a waste of paper to print them and takes extra steps to have it print to a file.

  • Does anyone know anything about this field in AP- Transactions “Reference Date” Field ID “TREFDT”.

    Does anyone know anything about this field in AP- Transactions “Reference Date”  Field ID  “TREFDT”.  How (By what process)  and when is this field populated?

  • Lien Waivers

    Does anyone know how to create a lien waiver in an easy, step by step way? I have a lot of knowledge based articles and have spoken with Sage reps but have never been able to get a clear, concise, simple way of doing this.

    Thank you!

  • Clean up accounts payable invoices with +/- $0.01 net balances

    I am looking to get my AP cleaned up for the end of the year. I have a number of invoices that have a net balance of +/- $0.01. My initial thought was to simply go in and Tasks--> Change Invoice and then bump the invoice total accordingly. However, I…

  • Importing direct labor costs from a third party payroll service

    Does anyone have any experience importing labor costs from Paychex Flex to Sage 300CRE?  Wondering if there is an import template available?

  • AP Credit Note


    Please advise how to correct entries:

    1. We received a credit note from a supplier and entered in AP as a "-"

    2. When the cheque was received with refund it was entered in AP with all JC information (incorrectly)

    3. Deposit was entered…

  • Subtotals in AP (Select Invoices to Pay)

    When I go in AP to set invoices up for payment ...

    AP - Tasks - Select Invoices to Pay - On Screen List.

    Is there a way to show subtotals for each of the vendors / suppliers I am paying?  I do see that I can go in and view the total (by going into other…

  • Any users out there importing approved Subcontractor AP Invoices from ProCore?

    Any users out there importing approved Subcontractor AP Invoices from ProCore?

    Here is a link to a video showing how it works.


    1)Procore provides the ability for the Project Mgr to review and approve a Subcontractor's application…

  • AP - retention=net higher than gross

    I have an invoice I'm trying to enter into AP, the Gross invoice is $150, the total of all the retention amounts is actually a negative -$10 resulting in a net due of $160.  TL won't let you enter an invoice with a positive gross and a negative retention…

  • Amount Invoiced vs Amount Paid

    Why would my amount paid not match my amount invoiced on a committment report when I went back and changed the invoice to be linked to the proper commitment?

  • Modifying the AP Invoice Aging with Cut-off Report to be Summarized by Vendor?

    Does anyone know of a way to modify the AP Invoice Aging with Cut-off Report so that it summarizes by vendor (does not show the individual invoice detail)?  I tried a few different ways and failed.

  • Correct AP and CCP

    For the majority of this year we used Credit Card Management without have the Credit Cards Payable account set. Because of this, our AP totals in General Ledger are higher by the amount of the CCP transactions. What is my best bet to correct this mishap…

  • GST while processing AP Invoices in PO module


    I'm looking at processing AP invoices in PO module and the issue I have is around GST. We are in Canada fyi.

    We don't include GST on PO as tax and add GST line while entering invoice in AP module. But PO module won't allow entering any new…

  • Why can't I open company files after updating to 17.1

    After successfully upgrading sage 300 to 17.1 on a server, I go through the process of  updating the company files from 15.1 without any issues. I can open all files except the main file and I get an error saying that " upgrade cannot continue due to consistency…