Formula MAX Pay Period End Date

Looking for a formulaa to simply look into the PR-Check table and return to me an employees maximum date within the Pay Period End Date field . As the help file suggests, the MAX function is only used for numbers and Sage doesnt like it when I try to apply the MAX function to a date field.    I have a report to which lists all the employees and then I would like a field that simply returns the last pay period end date  (not the last check date).

  • Hi RCousino!

    The function for that is AMAX. You can find more info on the functions in Report Designer by going to Tools, Formulas, and clicking the Help button. On the Index tab, enter "Functions" and you will see the full list.

    The AMAX function also requires a numeric value, so you would have to somehow change the date format of the period end date to a Julian date or something like that, then change it back after the AMAX. It would probably be easier to just dump the Check Activity inquiry into Excel and filter it there.

    Good luck!