• Washington State Long Term Care Tax 2022

    Has Sage started preparing for this new Washington State tax?

    Starting January 1, 2022, ESD will assess each Washington employee a 0.58% premium assessment based on their wages. The employer must collect this premium assessment through a payroll deduction…

  • How can I get a report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    How can I get A report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    The Check Activity detail report is just what I need with just a bit of modifications.  The report only need…

  • Sage 300 CRE- I want to be able to import a large payroll journal entry

    Are there instructions some where that will take you step by step?

    We have been entering our payroll manually in a journal entry.  Is there a template that we can use to upload the payroll journal entry?

  • What is the best method for adding a premium pay to an employee's paycheck?

    We are giving a $0.50 "raise" or what I have been calling a "premium pay" to employees working a specific job in a specific cost code. I have been calculating and adding this to their checks manually (including a calculation for OT at…

  • Payroll Report Needed

    I am looking for a Weekly Labor Report that includes ALL PR costs (Burden, Reimbursements, etc) that can be run by Period End Date NOT Accounting Date. (I know I can condition it with the PED after the accounting date is selected but that's not what I…

  • Was there recently a new update for payroll Q3? Not tax update but the actual payroll program?

    Payroll Q3 update?

    Does anyone have the link?

  • Pay Type "Other" for Sick, Holiday, & Vacation instead of "Regular" Pay Type

    Im wondering if anybody knows the logic for setting up Sick, Holiday, & Vacation as "Other" Pay Type instead of Regular Time since those hours are actually part of the normal 2,080-hours per year (40 hours x 52 weeks). 

    A couple reasons im bringging…

  • 3rd Party Payroll Company

    I am looking at using Exak Time in correlation with my Payroll module in Sage CRE 300.  Can anyone tell me that uses a 3rd party payroll company whether it be Exak Time or something different, any and all things?

    I'd like to get as much feedback as I…

  • "Billable" Labor rates in Job Cost

    Management would like to see our job cost transactions show payroll as a set $ amount per hour as agreed upon by each project owner. These set rates would vary between project. For example, project X would have a billable labor rate for Project Manager…

  • Is there a report in the payroll module that condenses the information in the Check Activity report to TOTALS only?

    I am printing reports for an audit and need to show annual totals. The "Check Activity" report is perfect except its almost 50 pages long. Is there another report in the Payroll module that condenses the check activity information to totals only? …

  • NYS EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting

    Does anyone have a report that meets the NYS requirements for the EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting?


  • Contractors Annual EEO Report - Form PR 1391

    Ohio DOT has sent out the letters for the Annual EEO Report Form PR 1391.  Do any of my Ohio Sage users have any suggestions or gathering the required data?  Or has anyone come up with a report that they would be willing to share?

  • Puerto Rico Payroll

    We are a USA based company with expereince in the 48 states, and have been running our own internal payroll for the past 35 years.  We have now begun operations in Puerto Rico andnot knowing what we dont know, we hired ADP to help start up our payroll…

  • Portland Oregon Multnomah and Metro Tax

    Has anyone set up the new Portland, OR metro and multnomah county tax? It's optional for 2021 and required for 2022.

  • Setting up PR Module in Company

    We are needing to set-up the PR module in one of our data folders that hasn't previously had PR set-up.  If we are needing to mimic one of the other data folders that we already have set-up, is it possible to use file tools to copy the needed PR files…

  • 401k Deductions -- Part of Taxable Income

    I was curious as to how to handle 401k deductions for states like Pennsylvania where the deduction is part of the taxable income for the state tax which differs from Federal.  Since there isn't a spot to mark the deduction type within the set-up, I wasn…

  • Does anyone use Procore Resource Management Tool to import time to Sage 300 CRE on prevailing wage jobs?

    Does anyone use Procore Resource Management Tool to import time to Sage 300 CRE on prevailing wage jobs?  We are wanting to do it if there is an easy way.  I know I will probably have to create a new time entry view for these jobs.

  • last name change

    Hello Everyone,

    We have an employee who has changed their last name. Do I have to create a new employee? If so what will happen to his long term previous records.

    Can I just change his last name? everything else for him is the same?

    Kindly let me know…

  • Direct deposit pay stubs

    What are people using for direct deposit pay stubs? Just a stub? A stub with a $0 check? Pre-printed?

  • Payroll by State

    Is there a report where I can get gross payroll by state.  I need to get this to our CPA firm for our yearend tax return preparation.

  • Tracking Employee Abscenses

    Management has asked our HR person to track employee absences.  These would be both excused and unexcused.  At any given time, they want to request a print out of how many abscenses an employee has in a certain time period.  Is anyone doing this?

  • PTO shown on paystubs

    I would like to edit our current paystub to include available PTO hours, is there a way to make that happen?

    Thank you!

  • Assigning and Setup of Employee ID's or Employee Numbers

    We are a multi union employerand  have used Sage 300 since 1999.  For our Employee ID setup we have always used 1000's = Carpenters; 3000's = Laborers, etc.  We have finally started to archive old employees and are also close to "running out" of…

  • Need to Adjust 2020 Payroll

    I had to adjust 2020 payroll checks following KB 21595, voided direct deposit, retained as new, went to enter checks to make adjustments but got notice "The check has direct deposit generated and may not be altered". How do I resolve?

  • Payroll Gross Up

    What is the process for calculating a gross-up oon a check? Example: relocation allowance after taxes to equal $2000.  Does the system have a way of calculating this or do I have to do it manually?