• Sage 100 Contractor throwing an exception error

    Sage 100 contractor 2022 us edition

    I have uninstalled cleaned up files folder and reinstalled and it continues to throw this error.

    Windows 10 Ver 22h2

  • Prior Upgrades

    I have a few employees that did not upgrade when the server was last upgraded so now they get errors when trying to download (because there are newer versions since).  Is there a place I can go to see prior downloads of upgrades to send to them?

  • does version have the current 2023 payroll taxes?

    At the beginning of the year we upgraded to  I am wondering if I need to upgrade again for more payroll tax rates?  We are in Washington state.

  • Is a Windows Server in place upgrade supported? Windows Server 2012R2 Standard to Windows Server 2019 Standard

    Hello we are wanting to get one of our customers on a newer Windows Server platform.

    They are currently running SAGE 100 Contractor on a Windows Server 2012R2 server.

    We would like to get them running on Windows Server 2019 Standard if not Windows Server…

  • Upgrade Sage 100 24.2.1

    We are upgrading our sage 100 server after year end was completed

    In sage database administrator to upgrade the database It goes through the backup then about 10 mins into upgrade and a white error pops up sage upgrade errors out nothing else?

    Any one…

  • Sage Upgrade stuck on backing up

    Hi, we use Sage 100 Contractor, i tried to kick off the upgrade a few times, but its just siitting on backing up... for hours. 

    I tried a reboot, no luck. Any thoughts?

  • Sage 100 Contractor Time

    Does anyone have a video, demo, screenshot of the Sage 100 Contractor Time (download from the PlayStore, or App Store)? I've tried to look everything. Just want to see it in action, or what the interface looks like or how you use it? 

    I've found only…

  • Error unable to connect to the server. The users file share

    I have sage installed on a server, when i try to connect to it from a laptop using sage client I.m getting the error below 

    Any advice please? 

    thank you in advance 

  • January 17th and still no Payroll Update

    I downloaded and installed the update sent to us in December.  No payroll data was updated.

    I contacted SAGE via Chat because their system will not allow a support ticket to be generated (for this we pay thousands of dollars every year).  The individual…

  • Reload Sage 100 Contractor

    The hard drive on the computer where we originally loaded Sage 100 failed, and a new hard drive installed. Sage doesn't allow us to download because we don't use a network server. What's the work around?

  • No activated products for license server - Cannot access our software

    Good Morning,

    I am an office administrator who works with Sage 100 Contractor.  We have one server with Sage 100 Contractor installed and three active licenses.  I logged in from a workstation and could not access our software.  When I logged into the server…

  • How do we move archive files from an old installation to a new one?

    We had a hard drive crash on our old computer, last year, and moved to new computer. Our backup drive contained the Sage100Con folder and all of the Sage 100 backup and archive files. We got Sage 100 installed on the new system, got our company file installed…

  • Unable to update license server

    I am new to Sage.  We are trying to move Sage 100 Contractor to a new server.  We have Deauthorized the old license server.  When trying to update new license server, we continue to get error "Unable to update License information: failed to contact Sage…

  • Sage 100 Contractor and etakeoff?

    Hey Everyone,

    First time posting.  Sorry in advanced if its its in the wrong place.  I am having a strange issue with etakeoff.  I recently upgraded my computer to windows 10.  Everything was fine and a couple of hours in, the program just stopped working…

  • Can the license be activated and deactivated repeatedly between an old an new server?

    We're in the process of upgrading to a new hardware server running Windows Server 2019, and also upgrading the workstations to Windows 10. As we do the setup and testing it would be ideal to run the old server during the day, then move the active license…

  • I am new to Sage installation. Installing an update on a new server and upgrading to the latest version. Having issues with SQL L

    This is my first time installing updates to Sage. I have been on a pretty old version for awhile now waiting on my server replacement (old server was too old to be able to install the new version) I now have the new server and am ready to install the…

  • Updates

    We are new to Sage 100, and I recently ran into an issue where an update was needed as reports were calculating incorrect information.  My question is, why does Sage not push updates out, rather than waiting for an issue to arise before saying anything…

  • Windows Server 2019

    Windows Server 2008 goes EOS January 14, 2020, and we are quoting server upgrades to our Sage 100 using client.

    Without support for Windows Server 2019, we may be forced to quote them Windows Server 2016.

    I saw a post that Windows Server 2019 support…

  • I need to activate my CPA's copy of Sage100 which must be operated in a separate location....

    What a funny and so far ineffective support procedure...

    Sage License: 400xxxx34  for: Prxxx  xxx Inc

    I require a Sage support person to call be at 206 949-4153 so that we can activate a Sage100 copy on a separate sage100 server lnstalled in a separate loacation…

  • 2019 Tax Table

    How to update my sage 100 contractor 2013 ver 18.1 with the 2019 Tax Table.

  • Payroll tax tables (Canadian for 2019) did not update with version

    We finalized payroll and archived our 2018 data.  Then ran the tax table update, but the tax tables did not change?  Nor did any EI or CPP rates/maximums.

    Did we miss something?

  • Need Onsite Trainer ??

    Can anyone give us a name or a company that is located in Nashville, TN that is a sage 100 contractor trainer?

    None of the categorys or sub categorys were of training?? so put it in the best one I thought if Mod needs to move it then go ahead.


  • Updates to server/workstation

    Looking to update after closing year - is there a sequence to get up to date, or can I apply the latest version?  Thanks.

  • REAL Sage Support is nonexistent

    I purchased Sage 100 Contractor in May 2018. I was sent a link to download the 2014 software! When I go to support and try to download the current version I get a message that I do not have an active Business Care Plan. I have talked to sales and technical…

  • Log in

    IT installed 21.1 last night...wiped out company ID # and company name information....when re-entered on server message received that information is incorrect....