• How to check if SalesInvoice is printed and get the Invoice No.

    Hello.  Is there a way using the SDK/API in .NET, to determine if a SalesInvoice has been printed and assigned an Invoice No.?  And where in the API can I find the Invoice No.?

    These seem like common questions, so I feel sure I must be overlooking something…

  • .NET 5, 6 Support

    Hello.  Do we know when it might be possible to interface a .NET 5+ project with Sage 50?  Any idea of ETA or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    It looks like .NET Framework 4.8 was release just over 3 years ago (April 2019).

    If you're reading this and…

  • How to set date range for customer export? sage50 api question.

    Im exporting sage50 customer details in this code. Please let me know how can I set date range to the exporter object so that will pull only contact updates within certain dates. 


    exporter = (Export)ptApp.CreateExporter(PeachwIEObj.peachwIEObjContactsList…

  • Incompatible Company Version Exception

    I went to deploy a desktop application on a clients machine after completing development and testing.
    Upon authentication, I get the following exception message.  I verified that we are using the same version of Sage50 and the build number.
    Does anyone…

  • Integrating with SAGE cloud


    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I did not find a better match. 

    I have a client currently using SAGE 50 2018 that is considering upgrading to SAGE cloud, and we need to know if there is a way to import invoices and export customer data from the…

  • Sage 2018 - upgraded to 2019 and then downgraded back to 2018, now API won't work

    We have written a program for one of our clients using the Sage Peachtree API. Every time they upgrade versions, we always have to get the latest DLLs and rebuild our app to make it work again. However recently they say that they installed Sage 2019,…

  • SDK and Updating Employees

    When we hire new employees where I work, we have to create accounts in all kinds of different programs. Plus create windows accounts and email accounts. I wrote a Information Management Program that I have connectors to all our programs (all Microsoft…

  • Getting PeachTree API exception - Entity is read-only

    The company account is accessible through the desktop Sage 50 US Edition just fine.     When we try to access through our app that uses Sage API to access it gives the following message.   ANyone knows what the issue is?

    WIndows 2012 Server R2

    Sage 50 US…

  • NullReferenceException when creating invoice line items

    Getting this error when I try and add lines to a new sales invoice:


                            // Create invoice

                            var invoice = Company.Factories.SalesInvoiceFactory.Create();


                            // Invoice #, Date, Customer ID

                            invoice.CustomerReference = customer.Key;


  • There was a problem opening company.: (inner exception: FileNotFound)

    var companyId = GetCompany();

    // Request authorization from Sage 50 for our third-party application.
    AuthorizationResult authorizationResult = Session.RequestAccess(companyId);

    This line Session.RequestAccess throws a PeachtreeException: FileNo…

  • Update invoice using COM APIs Code.

    Hi All,

    I am trying to update invoice in Sage 50 US using COM APIs PeachWServer DLL. but it won't getting update, Can anyone help on this or give me comment or hint to resolve it?



  • What is the Filed for Expense account for Vendor on Export when using the COM API

    Using the COM API, I was able to export VendorId, VendorName. But when it tried to import Expense account, I was not able to distinguish which peachwIEObjVendorListField to use. So,

    I tried to use Exporter.AddToExportFieldList((short)PeachwIEObjVendorListField…

  • Add Purchase Invoice / also known as Purchase Journal/ also knows as GRV using Sage 50 U.S SDK 2018

    I wanted to add SaleInvoice using the SDK and found out that there is a method Company.Factories.SalesInvoiceFactory.Create(). But When I wanted to create PurchaseInvoice, I tried to look Create() Method in Company.Factories.PurchaseInvoiceFactory.  But…

  • How to overwrite the sales tax using sdk

    We want to be able to write the Sales tax of a document back to sage using a third party application. From the .net dll, we have understood that the sales tax can only be calculated but not written to. But we want to know if there is any way we can edit…

  • Get Application Unique Key of a company

    Hello All, 

    I have a created a new company. I need to access that file through my .net application. To begin connection it asks for "Application ID". I have searched in my sage sotware regarding id. I couldn't get. Where do I get my application id?…

  • Getting the rate of a Tax Code


    I'm using the .NET SDK and I cannot find anywhere the actual rate of a taxCode, is this property available at all?



  • update onhand on MasterStockItem


    Is there any way to update the onhand qyt in a MasterStockItem from the SDK?

  • How to get assembly component list using .net api ?

    How do I get the component list for an Assembly item using the SDK ?

    I can get the list of Assembly items using the AssemblyItemFactory, but it does not have a Bill of Materials or Components collection for each item.

    The only way I've found so far is…

  • Sage SDK Web Support

    Does the Sage 50 SDK support web applications? I'm attempting to create an ASP.NET application to talk with Sage back and forth.

    I added the API to the website with it simply starting a session but I receive an expection:

    Could not load file or assembly…

  • .Net and bill of materials.

    Can we access the component items of an AssemblyItem via .Net? I don't see anything obvious in the API. Maybe COM is the only way to get there?

  • SDK Performance is tooooo slow


    I have sage 50 accounting, the data are on a local server (within same network). We have no issue with the performance when using Sage 50 but when using the SDK it's really [:@]tooooooooooooo[:@] slow

    Listing companies takes 45 seconds!


  • CriptographicException and System.InvalidOperationException

    I can hit all the sample databases and my private database locally; however, when deployed I get this exception:

    System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException","StackTrace": "   at Sage.Peachtree.API.PeachtreeSession.VerifyOrRequestAccess…

  • Having connectivity issue with Sage 50 US 2016 Quantum Accounting Edition

    Hi All,

    We are having connectivity problems with Sage 50 US 2016 Quantum Accounting Edition. The version of the Sage 50 is "". Our application is .Net application which is integrating with Sage 50 US. It is working fine on our end but…

  • Looking for Peachtree 2012 SDK

    Where can I find the Peachtree 2012 SDK? I need to update some custom integration that a contractor built a few years ago. Thank you!

  • Sage 50 2016 SDK - The type or namespace name 'Sage' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


    I tried to connect to Sage 50 2016 but It is impossible, when I compile my code, I get this error:

    Error 4 The type or namespace name 'Sage' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) 

    It is a little weird…