Issue running Update 2019PU1S

I updated a database to version 2019. I installed the server update PU1 without any errors. When it finishes I can login into the server and when I select the database and click on proceed I get the following error message:

"The server side license component was not found. Please use the Sage 500 Database Install program to install the server side license component to your database server"

I've already tried that along with the alternative solution from the Knowledge base where it suggest to use the file from an older version v2013, but still getting the same error message.

Any alternatives?

Thank you!

  • You are leaving too much information open for assumption. It appears you upgraded a database to Sage 500 2019, not that you upgraded to SQL Server 2019, but you're other environmental details like the client installation, operating system, SQL Server version, whether or not this is a new server, etc., are missing. It is also exceptionally rare to run an upgrade and not encounter any issues so either words of caution or congratulations are in order. 

    Verify you are on a supported SQL Server version and Windows. If you installed the client at the server try a separate client with the same Sage 500 version and product update and verify the database licensing is updated. I would hesitate to make recommendations or provide details beyond that because they start to get technical and can be disruptive to your SQL environment.