• MAS 500 ERP 2021 update 2 error: No Sales Order options records exists for your company

    Database and Client upgraded from MAS 500 ERP 2018 ( to Version 2021 update 2 (version on test environment. For Sales Order, when tried to create new sales order error No Sales Order options records exists for your company pops up. 


  • Does anyone have consultant recommendations for assisting in upgrading Sage 500 ERP from 2013 7.5 to a more modern version?

    Does anyone who has successfully updated Sage 500 ERP have any consultant or consulting company recommendations? 

    We are currently on Sage 500 ERP 2013 7.50.30 and I have never upgraded the system. We have a reseller who we'll request a quote from, but…

  • Sage 500 ERP 2013 Update Version Listing with Release Notes & Bug Fixes Available?


    Does anyone have a listing of the monthly updates completed for the Sage 500 ERP 2013 edition once released in November 2012?

    I'm not having any luck finding information on this retired version and we are compiling update benefits as we are currently…

  • Sage 500 updates for 2020?

    are there any updates to SAGE 500 ERP for 2020?

  • Sage 500 version 2020?

    Will there be a new release of Sage 500 this year?  If so, any idea when?  I know this is not necessarily the best time to ask, but it does help to think ahead... Thanks!

  • Will there be a new release of Sage 500 in 2019 (Sage 500 2019)?

    Will there be a new release of Sage 500 in 2019 (Sage 500 2019)?   If so, what's the timeframe and major features to expect?   We have several clients that need upgrading and would like to plan them accordingly.


    John Lian

    The ERP Group

  • Sage 500 Student Curriculum

    We have a couple of the printed versions of the Student Curriculum, but I was wondering if anyone a PDF version?

  • End of Life for Sage500 2016 version

    Has Sage announced when this version will be retired yet?   We cannot upgrade to 2018 due to some 3rd party compatibility issues

    and have already tested an upgrade to 2016, but need to know how long it will be viable.

  • Will there be a Sage 500 ERP 2017 release?

    I heard last year that there would be a version 2017 release for Sage 500.  Is that still planned?  When will the next major release of Sage 500 be?  A few of our clients are due for upgrades and would like to know.  


  • Sage 500 version 7.5 (2013) running on Windows 10?

    I have a failing computer that must be upgraded immediately and only Windows 10 computers are available.  We are running Sage 500 version 7.5 (2013) and do not have the upgrade to 2016 version scheduled until Spring 2017.  Has anyone run version Sage 500…

  • Project Accounting Module

    Is there any way to have a trail of the Project Accounting Module on Sage 500 ERP for a customer to access?  If so how?

  • Next upgrade for 500

    When is the next upgrade for 500?

  • Upgrade to 7.6 Issues

    We recently upgraded to 7.6 and ran into a few interesting issues. 

    1.  We use the Inventory Valuation process to build our BI info.  They've changed this to not use the main temp table anymore.  In our case this presents a pretty big problem due to log…

  • Successful Experiment to Run Sage 500 database from Windows Azure Virtual Machine

    After learning about Virtual Machines (VM) on Microsoft Azure and how they can be configured to be recognized by your network, I did a quick experiment to see if I could install Sage 500 on a Azure VM running SQL Server 2012.  I didn't opt for using an…

  • Sage 500 ERP 2013 October 2013 Update - Client File

    Does anyone know where I can find the Sage 500 ERP 2013 October 2013 Update client file?

    On the download page (pictured below), it only goes back to October 2014. Also, the page mentions Sage 300 which males me wonder if it's even the correct page. Does…

  • AppConfig.dll is missing from your computer

    I have tried to reinstall the program and this message keeps coming up.

    Does anyone know how to resolve the AppConfig.dll is missing from your computer problem?