No reports work on Sage 2020 PU2 Virtual machine. Other workstations work

We have a Sage 300 2020 PU2 installation that works on most workstations, but one virtual machine running windows 10 Pro 64bit does not work. 

The issue is that when we print a report - any report, it runs the database record select and then stops before the printout or print preview. I repaired the workstation setup, no change, and I installed crystal reports, no change. 

  • We have run into something similar at 4 clients, all filed under "Reports close when run (without previewing/printing)" in our internal notes.  Each had a slightly different resolution but each of them worked in that particular situation:

    In "Turn Windows Features On or Off", enable .NETFRAMEWORK 3.5
    install Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.273 (this was their IT folks' solution, and it worked)
    Uninstall workstation setup, run Visual C++ installer, re-install workstation setup.
    Uninstall Sage .NET Libraries. Uninstall workstation setup. Re-run workstation setup (Run as Administrator).
  • How should I run visual C++ installer? When I run the workstation setup, it is not prompting me to reinstall Visual C++. On the other hand, the Windows 3.5 install fails with an 0x800f0954.

  • Unfortunately I don't remember :-(  It is downloadable from Microsoft, but I'm over my head here.

    I found one more note for when Crystal was giving "unspecified error" rather than just failing to produce the report, and I do remember on this one that only the 2013's were a problem:

    Rename SAP Bus. Objects folder in Program Files(x86). Uninstall any Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86).  Run a repair on the Sage installation
  • it was .net 3.5. The problem was that this will throw an error if WSUS is installed.