Intellgence reporting error #values and User Licence is required error


I have a client using Sage 2021 and I made a copy of the Dashboard report. When I run it there are #value errors and user licence required errors. Does anyone have any ideas.

Side note they dont have the Report Vliewer Licence installed or it says 0. 


  • Two different things. 

    1) Values, of course, means data missing, so something didn't get pulled

    2) License 0 can be either you don't have  alicense for viewer/BI   Would contact your Sage vendor cause, far as I know, all should come w/ @ least 1 license.

    As an aside, you really only need 1, it checks when you (a) run a report, or (b) open Report Manager/Connector   It is a round robin license, so users can just delete who is 'using it' from the licsense manager and "take" the license.