Detailed Transaction Report with a Date Range

I have designed a report that allows me to get the detailed transaction per account or for all accounts in one row of an excel spreadsheet, i.e. account number, account description, Fiscal year, Period, doc date, source, source type, posting sequence, batch entry, description, reference and posted amount, which makes it very easy to use in a spreadsheet, see below

However, I can't work out how to get the option to define a range of periods. You can do this when you use the standard Crystel Report, see below.

Whereas on my report, I can only choose one period, see below.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get a range of periods?  

Thanking you very much in advance for any assistance you can offer.

  • Have you tried using Sage Intelligence, rather than FR Reporter? Sage Intelligence comes with a default report under the Financials folder called General Ledger Transaction Details. You can run this report for a period range and adjust the pivot table to display the fields AccountNo_Name, Year, Period, Date, SrceType, PostingSeq, BatchNo, CntDetail (Entry#), Description, Reference, Debit, Credit. You can also bring in the SrceLedger field (it would display as categories AP, AR, GL, etc.), but you would have to have the connector license for that. SrcLedger would equate to your 6th column, which you called Source.

  • We don't have Sage intelligence :-(

  • The Financial Reporter is an awesome reporting tool.

    You've discovered that a period range is not possible when you run the report.  You need to build into the report something like the selected period plus the previous two or whatever.  In my example, if you print for period 5 it automatically prints periods 3,4 and 5.  I have reports that print ALL the periods for the year up to the selected period which is another option. 

    You could also create identical reports with the period range built in.

    If you use the FRTRNA or FRTRN function you will get drill down for the transactions to the subledger.  Great stuff!!

  • I wanted to be able to select any two periods to create a range, which could span a year end. So it could be 1 month to 8 months or more. At the moment, the way the report is designed, I would have to run the report for each separate period/month I want the transaction details for.

  • From your answer, you are implying that it is not possible to have a period range when you design a financial report.