WARNING on 64-bit Excel with version 2022

We recently upgraded a client using AP and GL only to version 2022.  Everything was fine.  Then they added a new Windows 10 workstation with 64-bit Excel.  (All previously existing workstations are running 32-bit Office.)  They ran an FR Balance Sheet on the new workstation, and it was out of balance.  They ran the same BS on a different workstation, and everything was there, balanced.  User login to Accpac made no difference.  I logged in remotely to verify - same FR form file run with the same parameters for the same period returned a statement with missing data, resulting in an out of balance statement.  We uninstalled Office and re-installed it as 32-bit.  Issue resolved.

  • Hi Jim, 

    Thanks for sharing these details. Forwarded them onto our Sage 300 ERP support team who wasn't able to replicated the issue. They had the same balance sheet results in both the 32 vs 64 bit versions of Excel. If you come across this again, the team would be happy to open a support ticket to look into this further.

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  • I have experienced the same issue with excel 64bit, when running balance sheet in FR designer on 64bit excel, report balanced, running balance sheet from Print Financial statements icon, it did not balance, so is a problem with the print icon process.

    same report using 32bit worked.