• AP discount - force it while creating payment batch

    Hello, is there any way to force an AP discount (ie: 2% 10/net30) while entering a payment batch, without changing the system date? Thanks.

  • UK MTD for AP invoices posted in currencies except GBP


    I am setting up a UK company that needs to submit VAT MTD returns. Does the Sage 300 MTD module that comes with v2022 work with other currencies besides GBP? I am posting some AP EUR invoices and it seems that the VAT Return icon reports these as…

  • AP system generated payment batch limitation

    Is there a workaround or third-party solution for the limitation with AP system-generated payment batches being limited to only one at a time?

  • Uploading excel journal entries into sage 300

    I'm new to Sage as well as this forum.

    can i automate an entry that is both reoccurring and reversing each period?

    How easy is it to upload excel journal entries into sage300?

  • Reverse revenue recognition in PJC

    Hi All,

    Can I reverse revenue recognition in PJC? The contract use Billing and Cost accounting method and the Project type is Fixed Price.

  • AP automation solutions

    Hi, does anybody have a recommendation for this? Ty.

  • Bank Entries doubling up

    In Sage 300 version 2020, I have seen in the last 2 days, bank entries doubling up.  A entry was done as a withdrawal for 200 and it shows in the bank rec. as 400.00 , and an $100.00 entry was showing as a 200.00 entry on the reconciliation tab.  When we…

  • PO invoice reversal


    Is there a way to unmatch a PO invoice already posted without going doing a credit note? More specifically, the person match an AP invoice in PO invoice in PO module by error.



  • PJC Module - Accounting method

    Where do i see the accounting entries of AP and AR transactions for a project configured as "completed project' in PJC accounting method?

    For example, i create a new project in the contract maintenance and set the accounting method as 'completed…

  • WO adjustments showing no amount in AR aging

    Good morning,

    During our migration to Sage300 the consulting group left a number of WO with blank amounts in our aging report. How can we get rid of them?


  • vacation accrual "current remaining" does not match totals

    Have two employees that show a current remaining amount of vac pay that does not match the report totals of accrued minus paid.

    Have tried entering adjustments in transaction history but it always adjusts both the current amount and the report totals…

  • Reverse Journal Entry


    Is it possible to reverse a Journal Entry already posted?



  • General Ledger Ready to Post


    In General Ledger, Batch List, is it possible to set a series of batch to Ready to Post Yes instead of doing it one by one?



  • Made Bank Entry instead of A/P Invoice Payment

    So - I apologize - i'm still learning Sage 300 and Accounting processes. Normally when my company pays the credit card bill I create an invoice for each persons card/bill for the month and simply record it as an invoice payment to match to the bank account…

  • AR cash receipts application to invoices


    How can we determine in AROBL the application of a payment to an invoice? Which field links the 2 records (invoice and corresponding payment)?


  • what to do with a bank receipt that doesn't match invoice

    Our arrangement with our payment processing company is such that when a payment is made by a guest, a transaction fee is deducted from the original payment and the net amount is then deposited into our bank account. I want to show the total amount in…

  • Offseting a vendor payment with another vendor invoice


    We have two different suppliers. We get one invoice from vendor A, but vendor B is paying for it. Is there a way to offset it without doing a credit note on Vendor A?



  • Bank Services Error

    So I posted a transaction in Bank Services (deposit) in January - it was the wrong amount (posted say $150 when it was only $100) - so I went in and reversed it and reposted the transaction with the correct amount. No big deal right? well now my boss…

  • AP Payment Batch from Invoice batch

    Is there any way to directly move an invoice batch into a payment batch>

    ie we have an Invoice batch with 3 invoices for 'widget inc.' and 2 invoices for 'xyz corp.'

    we want to move to a payment batch with 2 checks

    1 covering the 3 invoices…

  • bank Rec Deposit Date, Posting Date

    Problem:  Receipt batch with a deposit date in one year and the posting dates of each entry in another year that was reversed

    Problem specific Details:

    Receipt batch created and posted as deposit date of 01/12/2022 and all entries in the batch with 11…

  • AR Adjustments

    How do you remove a posted adjustment in AR.  I had a xact that I adjusted incorrectly, entered the correct adjustment but left with an adjustment that is essentially hanging.  I can't adjust the adjustment because the document's balance is 0.  Any…

  • GL Create New Year claims another user is logged in and won't process

    Client on Sage 300 v2018.  Trying to Create New Year and the message pops up about another user or screen being open.

    Sage does NOT show any other users logged in and the create new year is the only screen open.  

    I had them have all the other workstations…

  • Sage 300 - Payroll Quebec - QPP exemption and EI


    I am setting up a new database for a client, the QPP calculation doesn't take the exemption of $3500 and the calculation of Employer portion on Employment insurance is also wrong.

    Could you please help me on this issue?

    Thank you

  • Canada Payroll 7.3 - Calculate Payroll Error

    We have a client that is getting an error running calculate payroll.  It does calculate , but at the end a message pops up:

    An error has occurred during the processing of Calculate Payroll. The error returned
    was 1. The operation being performed was a viewRead…

  • Vendor prepayment has now been refunded

    We prepaid a vendor for product in the previous month, November.  Therefore, we recorded the cash payment as a prepayment so that we could reconcile the books.  However, we have now been told that the units will not be available and the supplier has returned…