Unable to add Optional Fields to GL Accounts and Transaction Details

In Sage 300 2022 when I try to add Optional Fields to Account and Transaction Details in the General Ledger, I come across a error message that reads as follows:

"Cannot insert, update, or delete General Ledger Optional Fields until all other Users have left General Ledger and all other General Ledger windows are closed".

I have tried to close Sage 300 completely but I still come up against the same error message. There are no Users logged onto the System. There are no GL windows open except the window I am working from within - G/L Optional Fields.

I am able to add Optional Fields in all other modules except for the General Ledger.

Could there be something that I am missing here?

  • Hi Siesa,

    I have found that simply closing the window and re-opening the window often fixes this issue.  If you opened the window before someone got out, it may still think that there is a lock on the table(s).  If you close the window and open again, this may solve your issue.

    I have also found that things like Orchid info explorer can cause some lock issues like this as well.  Make sure that all those programs are also closed.

  • Hello Jody,

    Thank you for your response. 

    As I indicated, I am the only User working at the moment. All other Users have knocked off for the day. No other General Ledger windows are open either. The only open window is the one that I am using trying to add the Optional Fields.

    I closed and opened Sage 300 to try to shake of any phantom locks that could be in place but I still come up against the same problem. Very frustrating as this is supposed to be as easy as ABC...

  • Sorry to hear that.

    The only other suggestions that I can think of right now would be to re-boot the server and/or your PC (though I have never found the PC itself to solve an issue like this)

    Also, if you are running multiple databases - I have had to kick everybody out of everywhere before to get the lock sorted out.  Not sure why, but it has worked for me before.  But again, only if you have multiple databases.

  • 1.  Run SCANISAM and fix

    2. go to server and manage and then to shares and open files and close all files

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