Print Preview RDWeb hangs, printing direct to printer works, RDP Print Preview works

Destination set to Preview

Printing a basic OE Options report, 1 page

Sage as a MS Publish App

- window attempting to display the preview hangs.  It doesn't even open but if you hover at the bottom you can see the window and manually close it

- use different login ID's with higher rights and different Sage 300 profiles and same result

RDP direct to Server

- everyone remains the same, login ID etc.  default printer etc, works.  It even attaches to the session that MS Published app had open

It is my understanding from the results that when we print preview using the RDWeb that it uses some local resources to the the desktop where we launch from where when we access it through RDP directly it doesn't?  Anyone have enough technical understanding of what could be different to point me in the right direction?

  • i did eventually determine the issue.  On a machine with a older smaller monitor if the auto hide taskbar was on it caused all the issues.  The issue did not exists on systems that had a new monitor.  As long as i turned off the auto hide all the issues went away.