Date Parameters Being Ignored


I am attempting to create an On-Time Shipping Report.  I want to add a parameter to only show items shipped during a certain date range.

I am using the same logic as the OE Sales Report, but my parameters are being ignored and I see all records.

Any ideas?


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    Parameters can be tricker, especially dates.    Depending on your level of expertise, I like to change Report Manager to SQL mode to debug the SQL.    

    Note: Just make sure you switch it back, its a global setting, so other users will get SQL output once switched.    Annoying, you have to click the radio button AND make sure Excel has the dancing ants outline around the text.   Radio button not enought to switch.

    Typically the SQL ends up being something like this:

    Where the date you specify sub into that parameter  (@[email protected] & @[email protected]) make sure you setup your parameter right, make sure "Allow Lookups" is check, Data Type if "Date" and, obviously, its a pass through variable.

    They are case sensitive, so make sure you're watching that.  On the report end, you'll want to make sure you setup the parameter properly