Recreate Crystal report in Intelligence reporting

Does anyone know of a way or what the best way would be to recreate a Crystal Report in Intelligence Reporting?  I have created a container with all of the data tables but when I run the Sample data nothing comes up.  I know it has to do with the sql expressions but I'm unsure how to "translate" them so they work.  I am pretty proficient in both programs but converting CR to IR is just not working for me. 

  • Which CR report are you targetting.    By way of example, to recreate the Item Valuation CR, I used the Inventory Master and added parameters to it.   

  • There are a couple but for this example we are looking to recreate a fixed asset report.  There are no sample reports to choose from for fixed assets that I can see which is why I'm trying to build it myself. 

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    Not familiar with fixed assets, all my experience is in Inventory Control and Purchase Order modules.   Sometimes finding what to join is challenging and often, for true power, you've to write your own SQL.    Where's fixed assets report?  

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    Like the inventory and PO's it's an add in module with it's own set of reports.  If you ever come across a table that starts with AM that's what they are, and of course there is no AOM for them.   Speaking of SQL, have you ever modified any of the Report Designer containers?  In digging deep, I think I might be able to avoid having to try to use the Fixed asset tables but will need a Report Designer container to provide GL details.  Which none of them do, that I am aware of.  

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    I have not touched any report design containers.  Stayed in the world of the AOM    The G/L stuff is available in the intelligenece/connector contains, I've done some stuff with it.

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    Hi Jessica

    My understanding is Sage Business Intelligence is going to be removed and no longer supported.  Maybe I misunderstood but I'm pretty sure.  I was never a big fan of Business Intelligence anyway.  

    Is there something about the Crystal Reports you don't like?

    If there is it would seem easier to change the Crystal Report.  If you're not that skilled in Crystal I can help.  I work in Crystal Reports at least 3 days a week.  I've done so for at least 20 years.


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    Do you remember where you hear that information?  If Sage is no longer supporting Intelligence Reporting then we will definitely be moving to another accounting system. We have been looking as it can't meet our needs for our aircraft maintenance division and we are using another program in tandem with Sage for this.

    All of our financial reporting including some complex consolidations are coming from Intelligence reporting.  I quite like Crystal reports even though I have a lot to learn.  Especially when it comes to more complex formulas and the frustrating Sage tables.  I've found and taken a couple courses for C.R and they were great but did nothing to help with it comes to writing reports for Sage.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciate for sure!  



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    Hi Jessica,

    If you need financial reports then Sage 300 has something called the Financial Reporter which is an Excel based reporter.  It's been around for many, many years.  I've designed lots of financial reports in that software and it's first rate.  From the consolidation standpoint you would need to invest in the GL Consolidations module but there's work arounds for basic reports.

    The Financial Reporter will be available for many more years too.  That's because it's well designed.

    I'm not sure where I heard about the Business Intelligence going away but I'll look it up again and let you know.

    As far as your aircraft maintenance division have you looked at the Technisoft Service Manager add-on modules?


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    I would like to know about the Sage BI being deprecated and when.    What is replacing it in Sage 300 (not Sage 300 cloud, Sage 300 prem) ???  

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    Hey Jessica , can you give me where in Sage you find fixed asset report?   That would tell me where to look in SQL.