Office 64-bit Integration & Support?

What's the latest word on Sage 300 and Office integration?  Today we are running Sage 300 2018 and we are currently limited to Office 2019 32-bit.  We are upgrading to Sage 300 2021 this spring but it doesn't appear that Sage 300 2021 supports 64-bit Office.  Is that right?   

Has there been any discussion about supporting 64-bit Office? or any options for those companies that don't have a choice due to other requirements in their infrastructure?  Maybe workarounds or optional configurations?  

Finally, is Office 365 supported?  We dont use that flavor of Office, but are looking at possibly going that route...

  • Forget about it, Sage will always be a 32-bit product.  And 64-bit Office doesn't get you anything, it's not faster or safer.

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    I was afraid you'd say that, although not surprised.  As a systems admin, the default configuration is always the easiest to support and lately that has been 64-bit Windows + 64-bit Office. I'd just as soon maintain one base image with Windows/Office 64-bit.  

    On a side note, we have several 32-bit apps that seem to integrate fine with 64-bit Office.  Adobe Acrobat, Mitel and Zoom come to mind.  Tight Office integration between 32-bit apps and 64-bit Office.  Seems doable with 32-bit Sage as well.

  • My understanding is the later versions of S300 works fine with x64 of Office and it comes down to more a matching of system privilege's between the two systems. Like you cant have S300 running with admin privilege's and office not or vice versa. Or even running as Admin in either may cause Office to spit the dummy. 

  • Sage 300 is a 32 bit application, it will never talk to Office 64 bit. Not unless Sage 300 is rewritten in 64 bit, but that is not going to happen. With that said.... you can export/import data no matter which Office 32/64 bit you have installed, you just cannot run FR and some other integrations that require both applications to be 32 bit.

  • The Sage 300 2022 (69) compatibility guide (last revised August 23, 2021) shows "Microsoft Excel 2016 (32 or 64 bit), or 2019 (32 or 64 bit) is required on each workstation running the GL Financial Reporter." and the release notes also confirm this (thanks ).

    regarding Office 365can you please confirm that Excel 64-bit (import export, Financial Reporter) and Outlook 32-bit  (emailing via MAPI) are supported by Sage in 69?

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    Office 365 is supported.
    FR Support for Excel 64bit was announced with Sage 2022, see the what's new doc. Any prior Sage version did not support Excel 64bit in FR.

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    64 bit office doesn't run faster, it's not an upgrade, it's a side-grade.  You only need it if you use Excel spreadsheets over 2 Gb, which eliminates 99% of users.

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    Extract from the Sage 2022 release notes:

    Sage 300 desktop screens improvements
    This product update includes the following new features and improvements in Sage 300 classic desktop screens:

    Financial Reporter now supports Microsoft Excel 64-bit.

    Microsoft 365 integration with Sage 300
    The Sage Contact app (for viewing and managing Sage 300 customer information within Microsoft Outlook) is no longer supported.

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    RE Excel 64-bit, PIBKAC - thanks Ettienne.
    RE Office 365, I don't see anything say it is supported - will raise to in my original reply (unless PIBKAC of course).

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    Hi Aslan, ran your question:

    please confirm that Excel 64-bit (import export, Financial Reporter) and Outlook 32-bit  (emailing via MAPI) are supported by Sage in 69?

    by the Sage 300 support team, who advised that MS Office doesn't have an option to mix and match 32bit apps with 64bit versions of apps. 

    The team also recently posted a blog for Sage 300 version 2022 (6.9)
    titled After upgrading Microsoft Excel to 64bit, Financial Reporter returns error with Excel Add-in. which gives steps on how to ensure a proper 64bit install of Microsoft Office. Hope this helps!