German Accounting - DATEV

Hello All~

I was wondering if anyone is exporting out of DATEV and importing into SAGE 300. We use SAGE 300 is our ERP system and are merging with a German company who uses DATEV and will remain using DATEV for a myriad of reasons. I would like to export out of DATEV and import into SAGE 300. Does anyone know of a process, plug-in, etc. that would do the job. Thank You Very Much in advance for your assistance.

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Cheryl Corbett

  • Hi Cheryl

    We are not familiar with DATEV specifically but if the system allows the data to be extracted and updated through an ODBC connection and if the database tables are documented then it may be possible to extract data and import it into your Sage 300 via a custom integration program.  We've done this for another client who is running Sage 300 here in Canada and a main frame system in France to drive their e-commerce website.  Please reach out if you want to discuss further.

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