• How do I hide one or more Tabs on a panel?

    I am trying to hide tabs 3, 4, and 5 for Customer Maintenance for a specific user. I know I could set the fields on the tabs to hidden, but the user wants the entire tab to be unseen when looking at Customer Maintenance/Inquiry. I cannot delete the tabs…

  • Sage 100 Version confusion / upgrade needed for TLS1.2

    I'm reading that TLS1.2 is supported on 2021.4 or 2022.1

    Going into About on the server (on-prem) the follow appears:

    Sage 100 Standard 2021 (Version (Payroll Version 32-bit, WebView2 Version 105.0.1343.27

    Question: All the Sage…

  • How to record a wire transfer in AR

    How do you record a wire transfer from a customer in AR?  In AP there is the selection drop down for Wire Transfer, but not in AR.  I read if we use ACH/Credit Card, it doesn't post to BR.  So do we use Cash and if so, how/where do we enter the long…

  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports?

    Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?

  • customized panel

    if an employee has a customized panel (which overrides the all user panel ) how can we return the customized panel back to the all user version?

    we had an employee accidently create a customized  panel and it is not correct how can I get her back to the…

  • OAuth Login Screen, Office 365

    Hello all,

    I constantly get a popup to log into my account with microsoft every time I try to test the Oauth email settings. When I do actually try to log in, the page fails as seen in below screenshot. Everything is filled in on the company maintenance…

  • Button Script to Add Comment Line to GD_Lines Table in SO Invoice Data Entry

    From the Payment tab in SO Invoice Data Entry I have added a button with the caption "CC Receipt". Upon a user clicking this button I would like a comment (Item code /C) added to the next line number with details from the credit card.


  • Batch Status always Blank

    In GL_CompanyActiveBatch it appears the batch status field is always blank. Trying to write a Sage Alert that filters out any batch "in use". Is it even possible? Sage 100 v2021. Thanks.

  • Can we use VI to place/drop a standard PO that pulls balance from a master PO?


    We have a lot of master PO's that suppliers ship partials in multiple shipments. Hence we assign a letter to a standard PO for each shipments using the same master PO #. The standard PO draws balance from the master PO (Master/Repeat PO). We are wondering…

  • Payroll Tax Update

    Is it possible to force the payroll tax update while payrolls are pending...without it affecting/glitching out?  The payroll tax updates are becoming more frequent (previously once a month toward the end of the month).  And now we've already had 2 in the…

  • SO Invoice Data Entry: Button Script to get Invoice No from an SO No

    I have added a button script to the SO Invoice Data Entry MAIN panel and was wanting to make looking up an invoice that has already been batched a little quicker.

    Essentially, instead of the user typing the invoice # they would type the sales order #…

  • Object Reference & Table name for Customer Price Schedule --> Pricing Method --> Price Discount Amount

    Hi All,

    Need object reference & table name for Item Maintenance --> More --> Item Pricing Maintenance --> Customer Price Schedule --> Pricing Method --> Price Discount Amount to pull the discounted price by running the script. 

    I right…

  • Sage 100 Customizer DMAIN and DMAINW

    When I use Sage 100 Customizer to add customized panel, I noticed each panel has a W version, eg, In the task of Sales Order Entry,  there's a DMAIN and a DMIANW. What's the difference between the two? Can I set the default display to be DMAIN instead…

  • All "lookup" windows Sage 2022

    We recently upgraded to Sage 2022.1 and one of my employees was frustrated because every time she resized columns in the Sales Order lookup window, they would revert back - even after creating a custom view. 

    I tested it on a few other lookup windows (purchase…

  • Calculate aging over time

    Where can I find the information I need to calculate customer aging over time? Usually when I get stuck I can copy something one of my predecessors did, but no one knows of any report like this previously. 

    I want to be able to show a sales person, for…

  • Getting total pieces ordered on a SO to print on the SO

    is there a way to get a sum total of all the pieces ordered to calculate and print on the SO, Packing list or bill of lading.

    I am looking for the grand total of all the items.  Having a grand total of the items shipped would also be helpful.


  • UDF PO ROI to AP_HistoryHeader & AP_TransactionPaymentHistory

    I created a Date UDF in PO Receipt of Invoice. it populates correctly. I'm trying to get this data into the AP_InvoiceHistoryHeader & AP_TransactionPaymentHistory.

    I've tried several links and can't seem to get the correct combination.

  • Rehired Employee Missing Check History

    We have an employee who has worked for us several times over the years. When we onboard a rehired employee, we use the same employee number. She has requested some older payroll data (2009-2013). I ran a Check History Report with a check date range from…


    I have created a "description" field to hold the description of the unit of measure as the 4 letter unit is often pretty cryptic.  I had no problem creating it, but when I go to add the field to the panel (Dmain), I cannot add my UDF.  The add…

  • outstanding receivables

    good morning:

    what report can i run for all outstanding receivables as of 12/31/2021 that have been collected in 2022 -to-date?

  • Experiencing FOMO? We have the cure. Upgrade to Sage 100 Version 2022.0 today!

    Sage 100 keeps getting better to continuously serve the needs of our valued customers.

    With the release of version 2022.0, Sage Production Management has been improved to offer you the features of our Work Order solution and so much more into a modern…

  • SalesOrder Picking Sheet Denied Access

    Hello Everyone,

    Our CS dept have been reporting to use that they are receiving a popup message in SAGE when try to print a pick sheet from the Sales Order module. Please see below. I can't figure out what could be causing this. I have checked permissions…

  • Looking for consultant to help in installation of Sage API into our sage 100 2020


    We are looking for consultant to help in installation of Sage API into our sage 100 2020 or someone who has worked on similar projects

     Please check below link for understanding:


  • Job Cost Retention Invoicing while using BT/ST

    We would like to use Job Cost Retention in Sage 100 Premium 2021, but currently Sage does not support the Bill-To/Sold-To (BT/ST) feature within Job Cost (which we need because all our jobs requiring Retention bill to a GC or third party). Adding Job…

  • AR Pre-payment



    A prepayment was applied to  the wromg customer in Sage and has been reconciled since December 2021. I was told to issue a debit memo for the amount that was misapplied. My big question is.... is it possible to apply prepayments to a debit…