• Sage 100 2018 Customizer question PO Receipt of Goods Date UDF to post thru to IM Cost file

    Sage 100 2018 Customizer question

    All Inventory items are FIFO Valuation

    Client wants a Date UDF added to the PO Receipt of Good Lines

    I added the Date UDF to the PO Receipt of Good grid

    I need to know the steps on how to get this Date UDF to post thru to…

  • PickingSheetPrinted field didn't get updated after PickingSheet got printed

    There are several orders in our system, of which both the Sales Order Entry UI and table field of PickingSheetPrinted indicates that the picking sheet has not been printed. However, I do find the paper version of picking sheets of those orders in the folder…

  • Can an Inventory Depletion be Linked to the Receipt???

    First off, our ultimate goal is to look at an Invoice in AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader and Detail and know what the Landed Cost is.  The Purchase Order Module's History Files does a pretty good job of tracking Landed Cost History by Receipt Number.  However…

  • Import PO using Visual Integrator

    Trying to import POs with different Units of Measure in the lines. Inventory item is set up with Purchase UOM TON and Sales UOM LB. For some reason, the imported PO has a quality error (when UOM is different from the Purchase UOM, it multiply the conversion…

  • Changing Early-Pay Discount Description

    Is is possible to change the description of the Early pay discount? This would be the description that prints on customer statements and located within the customer's "Invoices" tab. It shows under "Payment Ref" within the details section…

  • Paperless Payroll Direct Deposit Stub Bulk Email not working properly with Office 365

    Our company needs to send 250 check stubs and direct deposit stubs to our employees, we do that process 1 day per week and send all un Bulk, we use Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version

    Each week at least 20 emails have not been sent, we checked…

  • Anyone know of any Performance issues with Sage 100c ADVANCED v2021 PU1

    I'm preparing my upgrade from v2019 to Sage 100c Advanced v2021 with PU1 (due to Scanco Operations Mgmt compatibility) and notice KB articles referring to slow performance issues with STANDARD and PREMIUM.  But nothing with ADVANCED.

    Does anyone know…

  • Sage 100 button link - pass variable to vbscript for shell call

    From Main Item Maint Panel

    I added a button link to run a vbscript, which runs a shell command.

    How can I pass the ItemCode to the vbscript.

    ' init vars

    Dim itemcode
    Dim oShell

    itemcode = "S-209220"        'hardcoded here works, but needs to change…

  • SAGE 2020 Warehouse Negative Inventory

    Hello everyone,

    Does SAGE have an option to not allow inventory for warehouses to go negative regardless of the transaction type? We are running into issues with multiple warehouses.

    Thank you

  • Announcing Sage 100 Payroll 2.21.2 and 2.21.3 Program Fixes

    We have released program fixes PR6030T (PR 2.21.2) and PR6031T (PR 2.21.3) to correct an issue where Worker's Compensation wages and expense calculations are incorrect when using Adjusted Percentage and multiple earnings lines and a cafeteria or pension…

  • Sage 2020 Negative Issue of Materials


    In Sage 2018 and WOScan we could negative issue an item and create a new unique Lot or Serial Number on the fly.

    In Sage 2020 and MFG100, MFG100 will accept the scan, but Sage rejects the import because the number Lot/SN doesn't already exist.…

  • Report Writer - Searching for Consultant


    I run a fire protection company. We started a year ago and have grown to be 55 people and ~$7m of revenue. We use Sage 100. We're starting to need to get into analytics. We have an install and service part to our business and multiple services lines…

  • E-FAIL error

    When adding a particular SO Header UDF to the report I get this error message.

     "data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status"

    I have reviewed all the data in the field and there are no unusual characters it's all numbers.


  • Can you change the initial/default UOM for new records in Item Maintenance?

    Hi all,

    When we start to create a new item record the UOM fields all default to "EACH" automatically.

    I notice also that "EACH" doesn't even exist in our Unit Of Measure Conversion Maintenance.

    Customizer says the initial value…

  • Sage 100: Announcing Program Fix CI7000T for Sage 100 2021.0 - 2021.1

    This fixes errors "Error 88 PR_FederalStateTaxReporting.pvc 1017", "Error 88 CI_EFilingCommon.pvc 549" or "Error 88 CI_eFillingCommon.pvc 280" that may occur when printing Tax forms in Sage 100 Advanced and Premium 2021.

  • How do I split incoming EDI sales orders into appropriate warehouses while also considering stock status?

    I am currently using Sage 100 and Trucommerce Transaction Manager.  Our current setup is incomplete.  Transaction Manager sees what state the sales order is shipping to and then assigns the appropriate warehouse code so that the order will ship from the…

  • Visual Integrator Import Sales Orders Referencing a Master Order

    I use VI to regularly import sales orders. In this case, I would like to reference an existing master order, as the only data that needs to change per order is the header comment. As I have several master orders to reference, it would be nice to populate…

  • User Defined Fields Data

    We use UDFs on our Invoices to populate fields with both product codes and lot numbers. If those items are already part of the products invoiced, all is good. If we have to manually enter product codes or lot numbers, we have a weird issue. I'll try to…

  • Crystal Report Page Layout not previewing any width greater than 8.5"

    I created a Sales Report in Crystal Reports 2016 that has 20 columns of Summary and then those 20 columns have sub-reports that I have linked to provide the Details by simply clicking on the hyper-link of the Sub_Report name.  I added the Sales Report…

  • Sage 100 2020 integration with Amazon Seller Central for Amazon Payment and inventory reconciliation


    We Needed help to integrate Sage 100 2020 with Amazon Seller Central for Amazon Payment and inventory reconciliation.

    Following is my requirement : -

    1) Sync Amazon sales with sage

    2) Sync Amazon returns with Sage

    3) Sync Amazon Payments with sage…

  • Print to Tray 1 or 2 Based on Criteria in Order


    I found a thread about a somewhat related customization, but it wasn't quite similar enough and I wasn't able to learn enough to be able to use the information there. 

    I'm trying to setup my sales orders to print to different trays based on…

  • Sage100 Visual Integrator: Where to put ship to informaton?

    OK. This has me flustered.

    I have figured out how to use Temp fields in Vi for Sage 100 2019 to create a single SO that has multiple items on it. The data source I'm using has a separate row for each item purchased, and my current VI job creates one SO…

  • Issues opening Sales Order with Script Sales_Order_UI

    I have used this code for years me and a handful of others, but we have a few new users that are having issues and can't appear to use my app to open Sage Sales Order.

    The only indicator they get is SO_SalesOrder_UI in a message box.

    Here is the…

  • error #47 substring reference out of string in Sales Order

    we are attempting to delete a SO. we have successfully done so to other SO but this one item gives us an error #47 Substring reference out of string and we are unable to do anything. 

  • Business Insights List Query


    I am trying to find a way to automatically export sales order data (specifically ship date) from business insights sales order view into a locked excel document provided by my customer.

    It would be nice if i could filter a whole list of orders…