Visual Integrator Import Sales Orders Referencing a Master Order

I use VI to regularly import sales orders. In this case, I would like to reference an existing master order, as the only data that needs to change per order is the header comment. As I have several master orders to reference, it would be nice to populate the imported workorder from the master, rather than replicating the lines from each in the import file. Using Sage 100C 2018. I see the relevant field and can assign the master order value, just don't know how to trigger the population of all the data fields based on it. 

Thanks in advance. 

  • How are you handling the quantity to be ordered for the new order created off the master order?

    VI expects that the source file contains header and line information although perform logic can be used to work around this.  Another approach is using ODBC as the source for the job and build the SQL statement for the import job so it contains the information needed.  However, this may not work if you are importing multiple orders at a time and the orders you are importing require different comments.  I once created perform logic so that would add a where clause to the SQL statement used by the import job based on a value entered in a run time assigned temp variable.  But it was used for dates and for a lot of records.  Doing this to select for a single order kind of defeats the purpose of VI since you could have just gone into sales order entry and created the new order.

  • Good question, re: specifying the line item quantities, hadn't thought that down the path. A repeating order makes more sense in this scenario than a master order I suppose. The overall goal is to import about 850 orders, all identical other than one comment and the purchase order #. Historically I have written a VBS script in Excel to generate a multiline input file for this sort of thing, was hoping to make it a little simpler on myself this time around, and more importantly make it something more of my customer service reps could handle without my assistance.