Issues opening Sales Order with Script Sales_Order_UI

I have used this code for years me and a handful of others, but we have a few new users that are having issues and can't appear to use my app to open Sage Sales Order.

The only indicator they get is SO_SalesOrder_UI in a message box.

Here is the code I have been using to open it:

ChDrive "T"
ChDir "T:\MAS90\HOME"
Shell ("T:\MAS90\HOME\pvxwin32.exe ..\LAUNCHER\SOTA.INI ..\SOA\Startup.M4P -ARG DIRECT UION " & strUser & " " & strPwd & " CMP SO_SalesOrder_UI ") & strSONO

any ideas on how to fix this issue?

We use this code in quite a few Microsoft Access Apps

  • When the issue occurs, do either of the following apply?

    Does the sales order number have any single or double quotes (or other weird characters) in it? 

    Is the sales order number less than 7 characters?

    Have you checked the users' roles to make sure they have adequate access?

  • I can user the "user's id" and "password" from my computer with and access the same sales order number, but I can't from the other computer.  That leads me to believe that it's not the role so much as it maybe a file a file that is missing in windows folders or c:\Sage folder?  Maybe?

  • Did you install the Sage workstation program on the new user's machines?  It looks like you are running from a mapped drive, but there are required program resources needed locally for anything Sage 100 to work.

  • Have you tried reinstalling the workstation and making sure they have appropriate NTFS permissions to the Sage 100 directories for both the server and workstation (if Advanced)?

  • I don't normally install the workstations, so how can I determine by looking at their computer that this has or hasn't been done.  If I look at my system I can see that I have SAGE 100 2018 Workstation App.  Is this what I would need to do at their workstation?