• Sage 100 Payroll Link from HRMS not working correctly

    We are having several issues with updates in HRMS transferring to Sage 100 when we run the link.  These include Wages, New Empoyees, Terminations.  I run HRMS as an Admin.  If I unselect all employees and select the employees that have changed from the audit…

  • SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader

    After we post each day the SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader is not updating the DateLastUpdadted field.  This is causing major problems with our B2B site.

    does anyone know what we may be doing wrong?  We just switched to Sage 2019 2 months ago and it seems like…

  • Item On Hand Qty different than CI_Item TotalQuantityOnHand

    I have one inventory item that the On Hand Qty showing in Item Maintenance is different than the TotalQuantityOnHand when I query it from CI_Item.  How does that happen?  

  • Reconcile Cost Detail to Quantity

    Is there a utility that I can use to push the quantity of an item from the cost detail into quantity of that lot / serial in the quantities tab?

  • Construction in Progress

    Thanks for your reply.

    I apologize for not being specific with my question.  It is in Sage 100 ERP - FAS (Fixed Assets Module) that I am not sure how to consolidate all CIP posted individual assets into a one Building account.  During the four years of construction…