• How to deal with a Prepaid credit card purchase order and have the payment reflecting that payment.

    We have a vendor that is prepay via credit card (not attached to sage). They have already been paid and entered into Purchase Order receipt of goods, the Purchase Order Receipt of invoice entry. This vender and invoice are showing on my aged invoice report…

  • Overpaid Vendor

    We overpaid a vendor and instead of them having cut us a check we are having them apply it to other open invoices.

    I am not able to determine what check or checks we sent it came from.

    They have undistributed funds on our account with them.
    I asked them…

  • Invalid or Redundant Input/Output on item history recalc

    In Sage 100 Advanced, 2022 changed the item history from based on fiscal year to calendar year and then ran the Item History Recalculation.  It starts and runs and then returns the following error message.

    Error 32, Invalid or redundant Input/output O…

  • Sage Order already in use


    Added In SO go back into view tells me in use, I try SO inquiry tells me not on file, try SO history tells me the same. Look in Data File and Maintenance view SO_Saleorderheader and don't find in there either. 

    Any suggestions of how to verify…

  • Sales Order Posting Date

    I used the sales order posting date of 3-1-23 but needed it to be 2-28-23. Is there anyway to fix this once already posted?

  • Moving payments to correct account

    Hi,  I have payments on account from doing the bank rec which should be on a different account, how do I move these payments to the correct account?

  • Accounts Receivable batched out February 28 invoices on March 1

    Is there anyway to correct this? Month end invoices

    were batched out on 3-1 instead of 2-28.

  • Job Cost Module

    My company is in the Swine Industry.

    We are wanting to be calculating close outs in the barns of our various farms.

    What this means is say we fill Barn A at Farm 1 and then we empty it we want to be able to calculate the cost it was per pig.

    Farm 1 has…

  • Posting Batches - Taking Forever

    Good afternoon, our support staff is trying to close or "post" batches, however you phrase it, and are experiencing extreme delays. In most cases they are having to force quit and we are wondering if the batch is reflecting correctly throughout Sage.…

  • Stop cost posting to completed Work Orders

    Is there a way to set a warning when posting cost to a closed work order? 

  • How do I create a Sage 100 account?

    when I select the Sage 100 product. Some customers will be listed. Which one do I need to choose for creating Sage 100?

  • Updating Register after Voiding check and invoice

    I voided a check and corresponding invoice in Sage 100 but the register didn't update (so the transaction didn't post) and it did not give me the prompt to ask if I wanted to update the register. How do I update the register so that the transaction posts…

  • New Budget


    When you add in a new budget (2023) do you need to "register" it in Sage.. I'm not sure "register" is the correct terminology. I imported the 2023 budget amounts to corresponding GL accounts with no problems during import but when I run the Budget…

  • Looking for a way to or find a modification for creating payroll deduction based on % of Gross less Medical Insurance and cafeteria plan (FSA)

    Looking for a way to or find a modification for creating payroll deduction based on % of Gross less Medical Insurance and cafeteria plan (FSA).  Anyone experienced this request before?

  • Florida sales tax configuration need Avalara?

    Before I go down the Avalara route, wanted to see if anyone has any creative suggestions for handling sales tax unique to Florida. 

    Equipment Sales over 5,000.00  (only equipment sales )

    First 5,000.00 is state and county tax 

    Over 5,000.00 is just state…

  • Auto Generate PO from SO

    Is there a catch to selecting the "Use Back Ordered Quantity" on the selection screen?  I would think this would populate the PO with the BO quantities on the SO correct?  I am populating the Back Order qty while the SO is still a Standard Order…

  • Duplicated Invoices

    hi, I'm working with v 2021 Premium. we've had issues with CI_140MB_UpdateDetailToIM.pvc. SO invoice batch posting was interrupted resulting in multiple HeaderSeq numbers being created once posting was refreshed - invoices were duplicated. Looks…

  • Check and Electronic Payment


    When entering invoice XXXXXXXX into Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance I receive message that invoice XXXXXXXX has already been paid.

    However I know it is not paid because the invoice still shows up in Vendor Maint/Inquiry and there is…

  • PO stuck in batch


    When inquiring on a PO we receive the following message:

    Receipt of good XXXXXXX in batch is currently referencing this PO and can't do anything with it..

    Any ideas??