• Time Track punch in punch out in 2018 displaying as decimal instead of hours/mins but only sometimes?

    See the picture below.   Note the punch out time showing as 16.60.

    The employee who noticed it indicates she punched out at 5:00 PM.

    If you take the 16 to be 4 PM and add 60 minutes, that would be 5 PM.

    Actual calculated elapsed time is correct for 5 PM…

  • Changing employee status from terminated or inactive back to active

    Client that I updated to 2018.4 late last week is noticing that they cannot seem to reactivate an employee that has not worked for about two years.   Seems like there are some that can be reactivated but others that cannot?   We have so far not been able…

  • Sage 2018 Payroll Compensation Tax Rule for HSA in California?

    We are working on upgrading from Sage 2016 to Sage 2018 but need to solve a problem before we upgrade.  Our company gives each employee who selects the HSA qualifying health plan a non-cash fringe of $75 for their HSA.  This is an "in and out" item in payroll…

  • Billing Methods for Jobs

    Using Sage 100c 2018 with Job Cost:

    What is the best way to invoice/bill for Jobs (through AR/SO/orJC), and what are the advantages or limitations of each method especially as they relate to WIP reporting?

    We use Milestone Billing (X% at time of order…

  • Sage 100 2018 - payroll checks - crystal reports - how do they do it?

    This isn't really a problem but a curiosity and a kudo to whoever figured this out.

    Just went in to update the customizations on payroll checks and noticed that the design looks entirely different under 2018 (I like it!).

    Previously payroll checks…