Why is there no Enable Time Track for TimeCard check box?


I've installed Sage 100 2018, Product update 3, and am trying to test the new Time Track features in the EEC company. Help says there are check boxes in Payroll Options and Job Cost Options to enable Time Track, but they're not there.

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    What is your payroll version?  Payroll must be 2.18.1 or greater.

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    Thank you. I didn't realize that there was a separate payroll update in addition to the product update. The fields are there now, after installing the update.

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    I am on Sage 100 version, i also see Time Track but when it try to add the option the box is grayed out. and Time Track indicate Setup that option is not available when selecting. What payroll update and additional product update do i ask for to get his enabled. i tried calling a Sage sale team and he tried to sell me an HR enhansed program. He was not listening to my need. 

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    Do you own the Time Card module?

    I have Time Track enabled in my 2020 Standard and 2021 Advanced systems, but when I tried to enable it in my 2022 Premium system it was grayed out:

    Found out our keys for Premium do not include Time Card.

    BTW, not to be too pedantic, but 2.22.0 sounds like your version of Payroll. The version of Sage will be something a bit different: