• Aatrix errors related to Unemployment

    Receiving errors when filing the Kansas Unemployment that says the tax rate is too low (verified the tax rate is correct) and for OK the taxable unemployment wages cannot be greater than the upper limit.

    First time I have received either message and i…

  • Sage 100 Direct Deposit Service

    I am having a hard time getting a clear grasp on what exactly Sage 100 Direct Deposit Service is.  I have a Sage 100 client that is an accounting firm and they process payroll for around 100 companies.  Right now they need to generate an ACH file for each…

  • *EXPIRED* Federal Medicare Tax EPFML Withholding

    What's the key to getting these (EPFML, EPSLO, EPSLS) expired codes from gumming up my Employer's Expense Summary and quarter end/year end reports?  It prints on some of my clients, but not others and I'm not easily finding the difference in the…

  • Is Payroll v2.23 required for running Payroll year end?

    It's kind of short notice for trying to get all of our Payroll customers notified and updated.  What will happen if they try to run Payroll Year End without installing v2.23?  

  • Payroll Direct Deposit Fee Change

    I am trying to find out if anyone uses SAGE 100 Payroll Direct Deposit (Isolved) for payroll?  

    If so did you encounter a change in fees your client's are paying?  

    We ran a payroll today and noticed an increase.

    Thank you so much for any information…

  • How to update time off settings in Payroll options?

    The sick time law just recently changed in the state of New Mexico.  It now states that you can not cap the accrual of sick time but you can limit the number of hours that an employee can use per year.  Currently we have our time off settings in Payroll…

  • Rehired Employee Missing Check History

    We have an employee who has worked for us several times over the years. When we onboard a rehired employee, we use the same employee number. She has requested some older payroll data (2009-2013). I ran a Check History Report with a check date range from…

  • Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll

    Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll? 

  • Paperless Payroll Direct Deposit Stub Bulk Email not working properly with Office 365

    Our company needs to send 250 check stubs and direct deposit stubs to our employees, we do that process 1 day per week and send all un Bulk, we use Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version

    Each week at least 20 emails have not been sent, we checked…

  • AES encryption in Payroll Paperless

    Does anyone have any documentation or support for the following question?

    Our IT group is asking this prior to allowing our us to send out  payroll DD stubs using Sage Paperless Office. The PDFs are marked to use the SSN as the password

    'For the attachments…

  • Visual Integrator job to import employee rate changes.

    I have a CSV file with new employee pay rates for a couple hundred hourly employees.  Is it possible/advisable to import the new rates with a visual integrator job, and have the change appear on the "Pay Rate Change Report".


  • Sage Payroll Subscription Cancellation

    I have two clients that have outsourced their payroll to a service and would like to cancel the payroll subscription.  I know in Sage versions prior to 2018 that they would only be able to access the Reports menu in Payroll if the subscription is expired…

  • Employer Expense summary wrong for 2nd quarter 2021 with COVID Pay

    The employer expense summary is calculating Social Security Employer Liability for checks date in the 2nd quarter.  If you change the check date to the 1st quarter it calculates correctly.

    We are on the latest tax table update.  I verified with our payroll…

  • No federal withholding

    I've had 2 separate clients now on PR 2.x find out during W2 processing that one or more employees had no withholding in all 2020.  I just logged into one client with an employee marked as MJ1 who grosses about 23K per year, paid weekly.  That should…

  • WA State PFML

    This tax is paid on WA hours worked by WA employees. I cannot get it to calculate that way. It calculates on all hours worked. Even the hours worked in Oregon, which do not have to be included. How do I set this up? After many hours with support, the…

  • Payroll email location in files

    So.  I have a client who wants just a simple Crystal report to print the employee and the email address used for their DD stubs.

    I find an email field in PR_Employee, PR_EmployeePIIWrk, and PR_EmployeeDocuments.

    I have setup a report that just dumps all…

  • Custom payroll history report never stops running.

    I've tried converting a custom 401k report from v2017 to v2019.  In v2019, the new report never stops running. 

    The selection criteria allows the user to specify a beginning and ending check date, and choose a pay cycle.  It doesn't seem to matter how…

  • Quarter Tax Report Calculations

    Looking at my company's Quarterly Tax Report and in the State and Federal total areas, the YTD Calculated Tax Totals do not match the YTD Tax Liability Totals.  Shouldn't they be the same?

  • 2020 W-2

    When will the 2020 w-2 form be available?

  • Payroll tax update 2021 for local tax Eugene Oregon?

    Will Sage 100 Payroll provide an update to support the new local tax for the City of Eugene, Oregon?

    This is a local tax for companies on employees who work in Eugene and is based upon a tier level of the hourly wage.

    We need to know if the tax tables…

  • Payroll Deduction Report for a specific date range?

    Prior to payroll 2.0, there was a Consolidated Deduction History report under Payroll -> Reports -> Deduction Reports.  This report allowed the user to specify a specific date range for the report.  We would use this to report on deductions for a…

  • Full-time & part-time status not reportable fields?

    Hello, all - is the answer right in front of my face and I can't see it? Neither the Employee Listing (in Payroll Reports) and Custom Lookup View (in Payroll Employee Maintenance) seem to report part-time status in EE Maintenance; this status is indicated…

  • Do I need to include Time Card Module when purchasing new version sage 100 2020 if they are buying Complete bundle plus Job Cost? They want to use Time Track.

    On the new version of Sage 100 2020 with Payroll, They are purchasing Job cost too.  We will be enabling Time Track.  Do I need to also purchase Time Card?

  • Certified Payroll Report - Time Track and Payroll

    We have a client that is converting from Sage 2017 to Sage 2020.  They do not own the Time Card module, but did have a Union Automation enhancement from Kissinger.  They will still use that enhancement in the new version.  DO they have to purchase and set…

  • Can I pull a report of employees' federal and state W-4 status?

    I've looked through the payroll module overview and other sources and cannot determine whether employees' federal and state withholding elections (filing status, including exempt) from the W-4s are reportable fields. If some report, somewhere, captures…