• De-Activation of Avalara - Land mines?

    Has anyone else de-activated Avalara and is there anything in particular we need to watch out for?

    We're planning to:

    • de-activate all companies via the Avatax Configuration Options
    • import our prior tax schedule codes to:
      • Customer File
      • Ship-To F…
  • API for sage 100

    Hi, I have a client who using sage 100. We are planning to build an application for them. The requirements are: Manage customer support tickets, view and update customer details, product management, create invoices for customers, and payment capture.…

  • ProvideX on AWS

    Has anyone migrated an active ProvideX installation from a local machine (running Linux) to AWS? Were you successful? If so, can you share any issues you discovered or point to any online documentaiton on the subject? If you weren't able to make the migration…

  • Please make Sage 100 Integration Engine Service Optional or a separate installation

    Please consider making the Sage Integration Engine Service setup optional or a separate installation.

    • We don't always have the credentials needed to create the service
    • If we do have credentials, then there's a risk IT disables our account after…
  • microsoft office professional plus 2021

    Is Sage 100 2022.1 compatible with Office Professional Plus 2021? 

    I have it installed and my ALE lookups do not open in Excel, Instead I get Error 65, Windows element does not exist or already exists Program: SY_EXCEL.PVC statement 165 Class SY_EXCEL Method…

  • Sage InTaact

    Anyone here move to inTaact?

    Looking for unforeseen issues with the cloud Sage product

  • Azure Logic App Connection to Sage100

    Does anyone know if you can use the Sage100 PowerApps connector (www.sagecity.com/.../getting-started-with-the-sage-100cloud-custom-connector-for-the-microsoft-power-platform) to connect an Azure Logic App to Sage100?  It would not be through PowerApps…

  • VI demo mode?

    Anyone know if upon initially installing VI without a license for it you get 30 days to try it (like the other modules)?  

  • Mapquest does not go to specific address

    Had an upgrade from v2019 Standard to v2022 Standard and ever since when users click the map icon in customer/vendor maint, the mapquest website opens but it does not go to the specific address. Tried changing default web browsers, allow pop ups and extension…

  • How to enter Purchase order and create Sales Order using API

    My team has been using desktop Sage 100 (2021) to enter purchase orders to generate sales orders, but we would like to do this via API. 


  • Any Scanforce users that can help with problems getting correct qty allocated values onto a pick ticket?

    We're testing a Scanforce installation and because we don't allocate inventory until the pick tickets are printed, we're having a really hard time getting the correct allocation details on to the picking ticket.  

    I could elaborate with plenty…

  • Why won't a Sage 100 Mas90 32 bit ODBC driver allow wrire access when exporting FedEx tracking numbers to a SO-HEADER field contaiing a maximum 35 character limit? Version 4.0

    Please advise if this is a "Write" permissions issue that needs to be set within Sage.  Only reason I can advance for the processed shipment data to not be able to post to the referenced table and table field.

  • Sage100 French version

    I am looking to integrate my application with the Sage100 French version and have some questions in this regard:

    1. would Standard package set up suffice, or is there a need to use some patch for the French version?
    2. I did find some documentation in French…
  • Is Sage Intelligence 2015 and Microsoft 365 compatible?

    I'm running Sage 100 Premium 2020 version  6.2, and have Sage 100 Premium Intelligence 2015 installed.   Our IT department installed office 365 yesterday, and now I'm getting an error message in excel about the BI extension.  No values in cells in…

  • Sage 100c premium 2016 paperless emails failing

    Just thought I would share this for anyone else that may be looking for problems with emails and TLS 1.0 TLS 1.1.  The Additional information is at the very bottom of the KB and could easily be missed.

    Additional information

    Note: Microsoft and other…

  • Bill.com invoice rejection...

    I have a client sending invoices daily via Paperless Office.

    One of their customers uses Bill.com to automatically receive invoices.

    The Sage emails, when viewed in Outlook show one attachment which is the PDF file.  However, when the invoice is received…

  • Moving from Century Business Solutions to Paya Connect

    We are transitioning from Century Business Solutions to Paya Connect Merchant services 

    Objective: to see if there's a way to move the credit card tokens from CBS to Paya so we can continue to have access to the credit cards.

    I understand that I need…

  • Sage Migrations (MAS 200 / Sage 100)

    Fairly new to most of Sage.

    From what I've heard it's not possible to migrate MAS 200 into Sage 100 because of different tax structure setups. 

    We run MAS 200 v4.40 (listed in install as C:\M200cs\V44\MAS90), Sage CRM 200, and Sage 100 2017 v5…

  • SQL 2019 compatible with Sage 100 2020 Premium?

    I am working on planning an upgrade and see the SPM for v2020 doesn't officially show support for MS SQL version 2019 yet.  Is there a timeline on when that will be added to the SPM?

  • Starship Rules for bringing freight back to Sage


    Where do I set up the rules for when to bring freight costs back from Starship into the Sage invoice?  Thank you.


  • MAS200 Version 4.40 Export to Excel in Vendor Inquiry (and others) grayed out or unavailable

    We are running an old version of MAS200, version 4.40.  I had to upgrade my laptop due to it's untimely death.  I am currently on Windows 10, Office 2019 (32-bit).  For some reason, the Export to Excel button that was available on my old laptop is "grayed…

  • Sage 100 2019 real-time API or SDKs to use so we can integrate Sage 100 2019 with connectwise

    We just upgraded to Sage 100 2019 and would like to know if Sage 100 2019 has real-time API or SDKs to use so we can integrate Sage 100 2019 with connectwise with out making it a manual process. Thanks

  • E-Business Module - IIS ISAPI Extension Doesn't Redirect

    Hello everyone!

    I am hoping to get some help/guidance from someone who might have more experience with the Sage E-Business Module than myself. We're currently trying to implement and install the Sage E-Business Module using the Sage Web Engine and Sage…

  • V/I jobs randomly locking...

    Have a client running Sage 100 2017 standard.

    Client runs a few V/I jobs from the Job Select menu.  Problem occurs when the click the job and try running it.  The screen closes abruptly.

    Then, when they try again, the job is locked and does not show on…

  • Sales Tax is blown away when processing orders in Shipping Data Entry using the Quick Ship button when using a non-Avatax Tax Schedule.

    Is anyone else having any issues with this? It appears to be a conflict between Avatax and Starship.

    System is Sage 100c Premium 2018 (Version; , Avatax Config shows "Sage 100, || 2.0 DSD", StarShip Client is 18.0.3.

    Some funny…