• Sage intelligence add functions

    SI has a function for "GLActual" that nets the debits and credits.

    Is it possible to add 2 different functions to get the debit and credit separately?

    the data exists in the actuals currently included sub report.

  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports?

    Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?

  • Can't get accounts to populate properly

    Hello I have a 2018 Premium install of Sage 100 and I cannot get certain accounts to populate with balances in Sage Intelligence. The balance says zero but there is a balance in there for the period and year selected. It's selective. Some accounts do…

  • Function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' preventing deletion of report.

    I want to delete a report - get an error 'The function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' how can I fix this? We are on Sage 2020, not on a SQL server backend

  • Distribution Instruction window the OK button overlaps

    Has anyone run into this on SAGE 100 v2018.  The issue is happening on a single workstation (windows 10 64bit, office 365 excel v2016-32 bit) I found a KB on SAGE Intelligence Knowledgebase and Followed the resolution for replacing the Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions…

  • Sage Intelligence report loses formatting when distributed

    After switching machines, my Sage Intelligence reports are not sending properly. I had been sending the reports to users utilizing the File - Share option in Excel on my old laptop. After switching, when I send through the File - Share option, all users…

  • Is Excel 2019 Perpetual License Supported with Sage Intelligence (Sage 100 v2020)

    We would like to install Excel 2019 perpetual license so Sage Intelligence can be run, however, the Sage Compatibility Matrix lists Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or o365 Desktop as compatible with Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 version 2020 (6.2).  Excel 2019…

  • Report Designer

    I'm new to Sage 100 and I'm just trying to get an Income Statement and Balance Sheet into Excel. I'm using the free license to Sage Intelligence. I thought I could use Sage Intelligence but when I try to run the Financial Report designer, it tells me…

  • report run time different between workstations

    Have a recurring issue where the report run time is considerably different from one workstation vs another. A report takes 11 mins on one and 40 on another. Looking for advice on what to look for between the 2 workstations. Sage 100c v2018 adv.

  • When will Sage Intelligence work with Excel 2019?

    When will Sage Intelligence work with Excel 2019?  IT department upgraded everyone to Excel 2019 and now Sage Intelligence doesn't work.

  • sql formula add business days

    What would the sql statement be to add 3 business days to the Sales Order Delivery Date?

    There is probably a shorter version but I got this to work.


    WHEN DATEPART(day,SO_SalesOrderHeader.ShipExpireDate)=1 then DATEADD(day,3,SO_SalesOrderHeader.ShipExpireDate…

  • Generating output file in Report Manager using @[email protected] variable

    I have used the @[email protected] variable in the file name when generating the output file.  It is not working any longer.  I've recently updated to Office 2019 and thought that it may be the issue. Has anyone experienced the same? 

  • BI Tools in Excel Keeps Disappearing

    I need BI Tools menu in Excel to export reports. It keeps disappearing from the tabs at the top.   If it goes away, I have to reboot my whole computer to get it going again.  Any help would be much appreciated.  There are no warnings or dialogs that pop up…

  • Sage Intelligence and Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

    Want to learn a few tips on using Excel that relate to reporting with Sage Intelligence?  Check out the tips available, all relating to reporting.  https://goo.gl/LHYfbe  You can sign up now to receive these tips in your email or bookmark the page or both…

  • Use a calculated report as base for multiple reports with additional filters

    I have a customer that updates up to 2500 invoices in a day.

    I have created a report that pulls all the necessary header and line detail information to produce several pivot reports.

    Is there a way to now use this report (so it does not have to be recalculated…

  • Error 462 while attempting to run Sage Intelligence Reports (in Sage 100c 2016)

    I have a client experiencing some errors I have never seen...

    They are heavy Sage Intelligence users.  We just upgraded to Sage 100c 2016 a few weeks ago and since then their Sage Intelligence has been more error prone than I would like...

    Here is a screen…

  • Invalid data - out of present range.

    I'm working with the Intelligence add-in in Sage 100 2015.  Excel 2013.

    Working from one computer designing the financial template.

    However, when I switch over to the computer that will be the final user and run the template,  I get some weird effects…

  • Connectors

    HI There,  When I was at Sage Summit I was told that I could find a list of Table Connectors on Sage City, does anyone know where to find this report?  I'm trying to find what connectors match up so that I can run an A/P report with some general ledger…

  • How do you point the Report Viewer to a new repository?

    Users of the Report Viewer are not seeing the new report repository that was changed in Report Manager. 

    SI  full bundle with Sage 100c Advance v 2016. 


  • Out of Memory Error Generating a Sage Intelligence Report

    Get an out of memory error running a Sage Intelligence report off AR History detail created in the Connector.  This would generate a Pivot Table.  I have it filtered to limit to a date range, for example one month.  While the detail would be 251,000 rows…