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  • How to debug webservices ?


    Does someone knows how to debug webservices ? 

    I know there is a log file called "crmwebservice.log" and I can also look sql error log file but I have this type of error I don't know how to debug : 

    mars 28 2022 14:08:02.711 5552 3316…

  • User Activity

    Once again, sorry for these newbie questions... 

    Is there a way to view user/users activity log? For example if a user ran a report, what report was ran... If he did some data entry, where did he did that. I'm currently trying to monitor this monster…

  • Escalation Service - Configure logging level

    Someone knows a way to configure the log level for escalation service?

    My customer have a lot of escalations rules, triggering SQL sentences, which are recorded every time in the log, resulting in HUGE logs.

    At Administration -> System -> Logging only…

  • SEI--Logs, logs, everywhere!

    Today I’d like to take a quick look at some of the logs that are available to you for SEI (Sage Enterprise Intelligence).  You might be asking yourself why you would care about these logs.  Well if you ever find yourself in a situation where reports…

  • The essential guide to logging in Sage CRM. A round up of articles about managing logs.

    Sage CRM provides a set of internal logging mechanisms that allow system administrators and implementors to monitor the operation of the system and to help diagnose the source of any issues that may arise.

    If you are unfamiliar with controlling logging…

  • Sage CRM 2020 R2: Mailchimp Logs and Settings

    The mailchimp configuration settings available in the meta data table custom_SysParams.

    You can inspect these using the query

    select * from Custom_SysParams where Parm_Name like '%MailChimp%'

    The integration is carried out by the main CRM webapp…

  • Write to the CRM logs in a server-side script

    If you are developing a server-side script such as a Create Script, Validate Script or Table Level Script, it is often useful to write debugging information to a log. 

    I'd like to share with you a very simple function that you can use to write to the CRM…

  • Audit Trail in Fixed Assets Depreciation Network

    Hi, does anyone know how to access an audit log in Fixed Assets that shows a history of actions? Or any similar system log?


  • Visual Integrator - flag Orders with zero on hand

    we are using visual integrator to pull orders into MAS100, we are currently on version 4.5 .

    is there a way to flag this order during the import process (go into red in the log) if there is a zero qty on hand for that item that they are ordering.