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  • Sage300 2018 Intelligence license are able to see only if run as administrator.

    Sage300 2018 v6.5
    Program: Workstation local
    Share Folder: Server folder

    - Win10, UAC enabled (Cannot change)

    SI Activate License in Server.
    Server is working fine.

    All workstation able to see IR license if run as administrator.
    All workstation…

  • X3 Licensing: Badge Consumption

    Hello X3 Family! First off, I would like to thank everyone, whose been with me throughout my X3 Journey over the past 4 years. It's been a pleasure Handshake tone4! X3 has allowed me to develop and grow in many ways, and I'm extremely thankful for my experiences…



    Our customer is using Sage 50c Pastel Accounting version 19. 

    Their license expired since  31st of May 2022 but they claimed system did not showing any prompts to alert them to start registration process. There are more than 4 users who are logging…

  • Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    In this blog, we will cover the best way of installing and activating your Sage 300 licenses.

    A very important tip before getting started is checking your details.

    When issued your license details, they…

  • Extending Demo Access

    I have a sage 300 I'm using locally for just testing. Is there a way to extend the demo license?

  • Sage Payroll Backup - multi company

    Hi and good morning

    I have a multi company licence, when logged into one of the companies, if I BACKUP does this backup all companies on the multi licence or just the one that I am logged into?

    Thank you for your advice.


  • BusinessVision licence - activation - 5 User LAN Pack license

    Hi everyone,

    I recently upgraded to the latest 2019 BusinessVision from an earlier version.

    I understood the 2019 has a built in 5-user license.

    I had the 5 user LAN pack with the old version.

    When I upgraded, I expected to see 10 user because the standard…

  • License Renewals

    License Renewal

    You can generate an updated Renewal License code from the Sage Portal:

    If you have inquiries related to your license code, increase…

  • License Renewals

    License Renewal

    You can generate an updated Renewal License code from the Customer Zone:

    If you have inquiries related to your license code, increase…

  • Dll to get the table LicenseCredentials data

    Hi all, which dll should I use to get the information of LicenseCredential table?

    I found Sage.MMS.SAA.Client.Licence but there is no AccountNumber and SerialNumber field? Please lead me to the correct dll. Thank you

  • Respawn Limit Exceeded. Application cannot be started.

     My customer's production server is encountering the below issue, after a windows update and restart of windows server.  

    "Respawn Limit Exceeded. Application cannot be started" 

    The server went through a minor patching from V9 to V9.3 last…

  • Server Crash - Re-license


    We had a dual hard drive failure and an issue with our BDR so we rebuilt our Sage 300 server.  The server name is the same, data was copied over from the backup, licensing is not happy.  Is there a way to get licensing working again without having…

  • Trial license for Crystal Reports Designer

    Hello all Citiers,

    I am working on an upgrade of server and SAGE 300.

    The server is Windows Server 2019 and SAGE 300 is Premium 2019 . The install of SAGE was OK although i had an issue with SAGE .NET libraries installation. This is now fixed.

    The SAGE…

  • Sage 50 license


    I would like to know what is the installation limitation for sage licenses,
    so how many computers can I install it on with my serial number

    I thank you in advance


  • Client was on Sage 300 2018 PU3 - Got the error that the license had expired, but they were current.

    Upgrading to PU 6 to put the 2020 sm license key in we attempted to put in the new license, all sage-authentication accounts with admin rights lost their module access. Normal windows authenticated users seemed okay, and the default Admin account seemed…

  • All licenses in use

    We have a 5 user license yet only 3 people can log into the software at one time.   Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2019 Build  I've checked that all license keys are the same on all machines and I've checked the license manager and it only shows…

  • Sage 300 Licenses

    Customer with Sage 300 2019 and Payroll 7.3A receives message that a valid license could not be found when opening payroll screen.

    I verified all the 66A and Payroll 73A licensing is in place on the Sage 300 share.  Open license manager and see licensing…

  • How do I renew my Premier HR license?

    When you receive a message informing you to renew your license on Premier HR, you will be required to update your code.

    Click here for more details to complete the process.

  • how to update serial number on Sage 50 v22 ?

    Hi Folks,

    Anyone know how to remove an old (but valid) serial no + activaction code and replace with a new pair (with extra companies) ?


  • sage x3 licensing


    i installed sage x3 v11 but my license is v9 is there any way to use my v9 on v11 or anyway to convert it to v 11 ??

    (  note that sage give me this message after the installation :

    Product Sage X3 is only licensed until version 9 but version 11 is…
  • Control ADDON to licenses tool.

    How can we control our ADDON so that if the client does not have the license, he can not execute the functions?
    We want that if the client installs the ADDON patches, but does not install the license, it can not execute the ADDON functions.
    Do we have to…

  • Designer License Required in Standard Templates

    Hi All,

    We have the designer license in place (shows YES in the license manager) yet standard reports fail to generate data and appears as "Designer License Required" instead.

    Sage 300 2018 PU1

    Screenshots attached. Any issue with our licenses…

  • Allow access to Ship Gear without using a license

    When the number of licenses is limited and each one is paid for requiring Ship Gear to use a license to access the data is a bad deal for us customers.  There should be a way for certain high-use integrated add-ons to access data without using a costly…

  • Missing Report Designer and License Manager after parallel migration from Sage 4.5 to Sage 100 2016

    We are not seeing the Report Designer and License Manager options after performing a parallel migration.

    Looking for an answer on how to get them back and/or registered appropriately.


  • Additional license added

    Bought an additional license of Timeslips 2016. How do I increase the amount of licenses so that all end users can sign on? Got a receipt but no activation code. Thank you.