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  • Sage 50

    Bonjour, j'ai installé Sage sur mon portable il y a 2 jours.  J'ai fait l'enregistrement du produit.  Maintenant, il me demande d'activer le produit.  Je devais recevoir un courriel pour avoir un code compte.  Je n'ai rien reçu.…

  • Is Sage 300 version 2020 supported with Microsoft Server 2022?

    We are planning to upgrade Windows Server not Sage 300 2020 yet and wondering is Sage 300 version 2020 supported with Microsoft Server 2022?

  • Need help with downloading TS 2020 Build

    Can you please help?

    Sage support no help.

  • Sage 50 CND 2023.2 update

    I received an email advising to "unsync" my files from the cloud in order to update to 2023.2.

    When is this update scheduled to be released.



  • 32bit/64bit Switch Utility

    Has anyone managed to run the 32/64 bit switch utility on Windows 11?   Getting the following error: 

    error # 0x80020009

    Description: <NewObject Error:90>

    Setup will now terminate

    Currently running Sage 100 2021 (Version 32 bit on WIndows…

  • Field Security changed in library after upgrading to 2023 R1


    After upgrade to 2023 R1, field security was changed in library entity. The libr_companyid, libr_personid and libr_opportunityid changed is write access permissions to Deny. As a result, you were unable to upload documents.

    Someone has found this…

  • Installing Sage 50 on Azure virtual machine

    Hello -

    We are currently using Sage 50 local that is installed on a RDS server to allow multiple users to access the database when working from the office, or from home.

    We are looking to decommission our local server as it is nearly end of life, and…

  • Does Sage 50 come in a desktop version?

    Does Sage 50 come in a desktop version?

  • How to connect Sage CRE Accounting with existing database


    i've database file. i need to load data in my sage cre 300.

    I've installed sage cre 300 in my local machine but not found database dump and database load application.

    Could you guys help here how to connect with this database?



  • Sage X3 _ Clean Install V12 Pu33

    All is working but the reference folder is giving the errors below

    Has anyone else had these errors

  • Upgrade Sage 50 and Data migration

    Will there be any issues on migrating the company data from Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2018 version to Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting? Planning to update to Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting. What is the maximum number of company data we can create on…

  • Sage 300 - Database is locked

    I installed Sage 300 ERP software on a client machine. The installation is complete and successful. But when I run the sage software, this error message "Database is locked". The client is a windows 10 64 bit. I need your help ?


    I am in the process of activation my Business Intelligence Reporting in Sage 20 2022, but it is asking for Activation code, how do I get this code? 

  • Update to Window 11

    After upgraded my computer to Windows 11, the program is not set to the Cloud, it is searching for data or program at the C drive.

  • Sage 50 2018.4 installer - needed to reinstall but now version mismatched

    Hello! We're running 2018.4 on a few computers in our small non-profit accounting office.

    Long story short, we needed to do a new installation on a computer, and only have installers up to 2018.3. Now the computer with the new installation isn't able…

  • Sage CRM 2023 R1 Unable to upload File - Validation Errors

    Anyone having issues uploading documents on v2023 R1? We just recently did an upgrade and keep getting 'Unable to upload File - Validation Errors' no matter what!


  • communication between years

    I am fairly new to this format, so let me know if I need to do something different.

    I have a computer with Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022. This is the one time installation program, for one computer.

    I have been doing the bookkeeping myself. We have now…

  • Questions about Replacing Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 with Sage 50 Pro Accounting.

    I have been a Sage/Peachtree customer for 25 years... The last purchased software I am still using is Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010.

    Would the data from 2010 Peachtree be able to be imported to Sage 50 Pro Accounting?

    Would I still be able to…

  • Upgrading V12 Patch 18 to Patch 33 TC211118_265652: Process in error - The validation of folder SPOUAT has failed because of a serious error

    We are in the process of upgrading V12 Patch 18 data to Patch 33 and we are getting the error on screenshot below.

    How can we resolve

    Steps taken

    - Brand new installation of V12 Patch 33 (New servers)

    - Load V12 patch 18 folder 

    - On trying to run full…

  • Is there an easy way to confirm tax version?

    Is there no simple way to confirm which tax update version you are on? I thought it would be as easy as opening PR, going to Help > About and seeing it right there. According to an old Sage knowledgebase article I found. Their suggestion is to check the…

  • Sage X3 Patch 33 - ISO file seems to be corrupted!

    Hi Team at Sage,

    Would you please try to download Patch 33 Iso file and see it can be extracted correctly for you?




  • Data Pointers

    Recently upgraded from Sage 100 v2019 to v2022.

    I discovered that my v2019 is reading the same data as the v2022.

    How do I confirm that my v2022 install is pointing at the correct data files?

    I was hoping to run the v2019 to see and copy my Favorites menus…

  • Favorites on Upgrade

    I upgraded from v2019 to v2020.
    I thought I could look at my v2019 install to read my Favorites and recreate them in 2020 but they have disappeared from the v2019 installation.  Is there a way to retrieve the favorites or move a file to the v2020 install…

  • History and Upgrade Suggestions

    Here are a few friendly suggestions that you might want to park in the back of your minds that could help out with some yearly maintenance and upgrading.  These are not day-to-day type  things but can help out over time.

    • There is a table in the system…
  • RE: Sage X3 12.0.33 (2023R1) has been posted (KB 119375)

    Having an issue extracting the v12p33 ISO disc (the main one)

    This was downloaded through Sage Download Manager. Ditto issue with Direct download.