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  • What is the issue with the v2.22.2 PR Release?

    Just noticed that you pulled the PR release back.  What is the issue??  Is this it?  I jumped on it yesterday, installed it and now encountering this issue?  What is the ETA on the fix?  I have a PR to get out today.

  • Sage 50 on VDI


    I am wondering if Sage 50 Accounting 2022 can be installed and ran on a VDI? Specifically a Windows 10 multisession VDI. We have 3 people in our accounting department that use this program and they will be on the same multisession VDI instance…

  • GL account code change crashes on workstation installs

    GL account code change crashes on workstation installs (SGWIN.EXE fault) but runs fine directly on server after 2021 PU5

    Workstation was re-installed

    REGACC run as admin

    SAGE opened with run as admin

    logged on to SAGE as ADMIN user

    Does this on all w…

  • HELP. Old version link needed (2017)


    I'm a user of an ollllddd system (2017) and my computer crashed. I've been informed by support that I can download the 2017 version if I can find an installation link. Does anyone know where I might find this link?

  • Anyone have the Sage 50 2019.3 SDK?


    I'm currently making a third party app for a client using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2019.3( but I have been given a 2019.0( version of the SDK, which is not letting me use it:

    Message from recources (english version):

    I've looked…

  • How to upgrade msxml4.dll if used by Sage


    Our vulnerability scan detected and old version of msxml4.dll

    Path : C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml4.dll
    File version : 4.00.9004.0
    XML Core version : 4.0 Post SP3 (KB2758694)
    EOL date : 2014/04/12

    Is "Sage 50 Accounting CDN Release 2021.0" using this library…


    I have installed Sage 50 Premium Accounting and also shared the Company. I am trying to invite other users using official company email but the invites are not going through.

    When i tried Inviting users using Gmail account its working well, 

    What could…

  • Sage 300 Workstation Setup on Windows 11

    Hello, I have installed Sage 300 Workstation Setup on a Windows 11 system, and when I try to launch the program I receive the following error: "A problem occurred and a valid license for this product could not be found."  We are running Sage…

  • Est ce que msxml4.dll est requise pour Sage (Vulnérabilité détectée) ?


    Notre scan de vulnérabilité à détécté msxml4.dll qui est désuette.

    Path : C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml4.dll
    File version : 4.00.9004.0
    XML Core version : 4.0 Post SP3 (KB2758694)
    EOL date : 2014/04…

  • New laptop missing DVD Reader ... where to find Sage Simply Accounting 2009 for download

    Hello Sage Community, 

    Have been using Sage Simply Accounting 2009 for a small business consultant of 2 employees. 

    However, the laptop where it was installed is now unstable and I need to move the software to a more recent laptop.

    Unfortunately, the newer…

  • Windows 11

    Is anyone running Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Premium 2022.2 under Windows 11?

  • Sage CRM 2022 R1 -- Upgrade errors

    Help please!  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced issues in upgrading to 2022 and how they resolved it.

    Recently we did an upgrade from Sage CRM 2018 to CRM 2021 to CRM 2022

    I did run into issues upgrading from 2018 to 2021.  There were issues…

  • After 9/22 if we need to reinstall Sage 2020 versions prior to 2020.2 how can we activate our software?

  • Price request

    We currently have Sage 100c,  We have had it for 20 years.   We are opening a new  company, a completely separate entity.  I am trying to contact my Sage Partner (no luck; maybe out of business), I am on hold for 30 minutes so far with Sages sales line.  All…

  • Job Cost Module for Sage 100 cloud

    Is the Job Cost module only available for SAGE 100 Standard or is it also available for SAGE 100 Cloud?

  • warehousing documentation


    does someby have any documentation about warehousing management on sage X3  ? i can't find documentation on knowledgebase or web...

    Thanks !

  • Sage 50 2021 Student Addition

    I downloaded the software and sent in my registration at least 5 times and I am not getting the email with the Serial number and Key code.  I've emailed and called Sage and keep getting hung up.  I've already missed two assignments.  Someone please…

  • update new version for several entities

    Our company manages more than 10 entities by using sage 50 Canadian version. before, I had to update one by one. is there a way to update new version only once?

  • Visual Process Flows - Unavailable Screen


    I am working for my client financial data, they used Accpac Sage 300 (2016).

    I dumped their database and loaded their database in my laptop Accpac Sage 300 (2018). It is successfully loaded. But I got error message when opening Visual Process Flow…

  • What to do if the X3 JAR file installer fails to run

    You are trying to install a Sage X3 component but when executing the installer JAR file, you find that it fails to run, so how can you find out why it is not running?

    It can be very frustrating when you launch the installer and it just does not launch…

  • How can we download the 2022 Means cost data files?

    I have already installed BCCD2021 and we are licensed to use it.

    How can we download the 2022 Means cost data files as explain in your document :


    Are these Entry Point available from the documentation?

  • Webscreens, Sage Remoting Service, Registry Entries

    We updated from Sage 300 version 2020 to 2022. Webscreens is not working and gives the following error upon Login: "Unexpected Error: An Unexpected problem has occurred. Please try again or contact your administrator for assistance."

    I've been…

  • Anyone having issues with Sage 300 2022 Product Update 2 Installation

    Currently unable to complete the install of Sage 300 2022 Product Update 2 - the install shield keeps been suspended for over 40 minutes

    Gets to this point and no further:

    And the install shield:

    Any ideas on how to get past this?

  • Sage v2022 Production Management

    feeling brave (or foolish?), I installed v2022 on client with the WO module.  Prior to installing, I looked up the registration keys for this client so had the most recent.  The module listing on the portal indicated that production management with three…