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  • Purchase Request Auto Signature, how to stop this?


    User JOHN creates a new purchase request PR, on the signature user assignment he is the first to sign PR. After creating the PR, the PR is automatically signed.

    I suppose this comes from the actions in the workflow that fires when the PR is…

  • Re-send a workflow notification email after a certain time

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking to resend a (ideally all) workflow notifications that have not been signed after a certain number of days. Is there a straightforward way in workflows that I'm missing? 


  • How to Exclude InterSite Transfers from Purchase Signatures

    Wondering if there are users that have found a way to exclude intersite transfers (Purchase order/Sales order) from purchase signature requirements. I've tried adding the BETFCY <> 2  in the workflow requirements, but am getting inconsistent…