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  • Fixed Assets Module

    I'm coming to Sage Cloud from Sage 50 and am used to using the Fixed Asset Module which posts monthly depreciation via the month end routine. In the new cloud version is there anything equivalent, or do i just do it manually through journals? 

  • Webinar - Fixed assets ledger and depreciation - Recording now available

    This session looks at the Fixed Assets ledger that available in Sage 50 Accounts. You'll learn how to:

    • Add records, including the option to import
    • The depreciation methods
    • How to process depreciation as part of the month end process

    This session…

  • Ability to edit what accounts are included in the year end journal

    As you have the ability to add new nominal codes it makes sense, and would be helpful, if you could then have the option of where items are posted within the journal. For example, If there is a fixed asset account with separate additions and depreciation…

  • Tax book depreciation

    I am in the process of testing tax book depreciation.

    Tax book depreciation does not post to the general ledger, but surely it should follow the same steps as depreciation.

    Should the two options be available?

  • Reducing Value of Fully Depreciated Asset

    Trying to reduce the value of a fully depreciated asset. When the change is saved, I get the notice "critical depreciation change" page with 4 options: 1) placed in service date, 2) beginning date, 3) period close date {this is grayed out}, 4) current…

  • Remaining Value Method Asset with 3 months amortization Posted 2 months amortization the first month

    Hello everyone,

    We are using Sage Fixed Assets - Premier Depreciation V2022.0

    We also use this program for Amortization of Prepaid Assets.

    We have an Prepaid that was entered into FAS with the following Parameters:

    In Service Date = 7/1/2022


  • Asset Sale

    In May we capitalized an asset. In June we decided to sell to a customer instead.   I disposed at a gain on sale of the asset. However the disposal report is not showing the current accumulated depreciation we ran for May and June. Why?

  • Sage 2022 - Depreciation : User stuck at initializing application

    I am troubleshooting an issue with Sage 2022  - Depreciation freezing at the initializing application stage when attempting to open the app. I have done a complete reinstall of the app, and verified the user as a stable network connection. The appliciation…

  • Workaround for non-Adobe PDF on imported images

    I have searched and not found so I apologize in advance if this task is asked elsewhere...

    We utilize a non-Adobe PDF creator/reader and exclude by security policy the download or installation of such. Not up for debate as I have very little control over…

  • Vehicle depreciation

    Vehicle was placed in service on 7/27/2018. In September 2021, I made some changes for 3 leasehold assets, depreciated all assets Tax back to June 2021, then depreciated all assets Tax to September 2021. The Vehicle Tax prior accum depreciation number…

  • Assets Accumulated Depreciation


    Is there a way to add Accumulated depreciation account for a non-current asset like Sage 200 other than processing Journals as expenses?


  • Assets are no longer depreciating and are not fully depreciated either?

    I have many assets that have 'no activity'.  They have been lumped together in my reports under a one line total.  I have run a current depreciation expense report and have them listed individually now.  But they are not fully depreciated.  There…

  • Reducing the value of an asset


    An asset was added in 2018 for $248K. Due to a settlement in our favor, the asset value needs reduced to about $100K. I know I would just change the acquisition value of the asset for each of the books, but how would I handle depreciation? I don…

  • Setting up accounts to show expenses and assets

    We are in the final stages of building a house that we will rent out. I have set up a project to track expenses and revenue, but not entirely sure on the accounts to use.

    Would I set up an expense account for appliances 5115 and an asset account 1840…

  • UK Declining method - Depreciation

    Good day everyone

    We have a customer in RSA with a company in the UK which requires the Declining method to depreciation assets. We have tried various methods (UD, AD etc) available in X3 but does not seem to provide exactly the calcs the user is looking…

  • Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation 2021.1 crashing when running depreciation reports


    We recently upgraded to Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation 2021.1, and the program is crashing when I run depreciation reports.  Not always, but more often than not.  Depreciation appears to be calculating correctly.

    I talked with my IT team,…

  • V. 2014 Sage Fixed Assets Question - Mass Disposal Inquiry

    I inherited my Authority's current Sage Fixed Assets predicament and we have about 300 disposals we need to do for year end. We are stuck on version 2014. 

    My question is in which version did the mass disposal option become available,? If it was prior…

  • Error while generate Fixed assets accounting Entries

    When trying to generate accounting entries from the fixed assets module > processing > acct interface
    you may get the following error similar error

    This is due to too much lines are being generated and the size of the screen that handle those entries…

  • Not Letting me Adjust Beginning Accumulated Depciation


    I am having a hard time adjust beginning accumulated depreciation in an asset. I am trying to force Accumulated depreciation as our GL is off compared to Sage since we had a ransom ware attack. For some groups of assets it wont let me change the…

  • GL Posting and Asset Disposal

    When you run the GL posting after disposing an asset that was not fully depreciated I get two different numbers in the GL posting report depending on how I run the report, either "all complete assets" or "active assets" ?  Why is that…

  • Disposal of a non-existent asset

    Recently found out that a company billed us in error and in turn we set up an asset we never had in December 2018.  Vendor gave us a credit memo for the asset which we took against payment of other invoices in October 2020.  I need to dispose of this asset…

  • Transfers Always Result in Having to Re-Depreciate Whole Year


    Everytime I have transfers within the company it always results in an error with the current YTD depreciation and overstates the monthly depreciation. I then back it up a month and re depreciate but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs…

  • Depreciation - Network 2020.1: Post Windows 10 Upgrade Depreciation Function crashes client no error message

    After we upgraded the client to Windows 10, every time try to run the Depreciation function the client just crashes with no error message. I've opened a support case but figured I'd also ask here.

  • Free Depreciation Method - Pro-rata month & days combination

    My client wants to prorate the 1st month of depreciation in days if the asset was put into use during the month, but for the rest of the duration, the depreciation should be pro-rata monthly.

    Similar to the 1st month, the last month of depreciation resulting…

  • Free Depreciation Method - 40/20/20/20% per year

    South African Revenue Services (SARS) grants an accelerated depreciation schedule for:

    • Machinery & plant (new or used)
    • Useddirectlyin manufacturing process
    • Brought into use for the first time by the taxpayer
    • For purposes of his trade